New Greek Tomb

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Women Guarding 2,300-Year-Old Tomb Revive Greek Hopes

Tuesday, Sep. 23rd 2014 at 5pm

Amphipolis Tomb, Amfipoli, Greece


Tomb For Queen Of The Underworld

Tomb For Queen Of The Underworld Found

Greek archaeologists brushed away sandy soil to reveal two female statues guarding a tomb in Amphipolis this month After six years of recession has put the ancient world back in the spotlight It doesn’t matter who’s inside cut spending on everything from museum exhibitions to site guards.

A Necessity

Cut by half since 2010 as money has reduce a budget “Funding for culture is not a luxuryIt’s a necessity.”

Corporate Sponsorships

In 1992, Coca-Cola Co. (KO)’s office apologized to Greece adapted the Parthenon’s white marble columns to resemble a Coke bottle, part of an ad campaign Greece called the advertisement an insult to the Parthenon and international culture.

Private Money

Many archaeologists within ministry regard it as shameful to make money from the antiquities The museum has turned into the biggest draw-card boosting the economy.

Regenerate Greece

The Greek public is fascinated by the two towering female statues in intricate sleeved chitons. In Amphipolis they see the hope of something new and untouched that could regenerate Greece.

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