the dream to be a firework maker

The setting: modern time/china

This girl name lila wanted to be firework maker. Lila father is a firework maker and she want to be one too but lila's dad want her to get married and have a family.But lila refused and plus to be a true firework maker you have to collect this special powder from a volcano.Lila ask her friend to trick her dad to tell her what she got to do to become a master firework maker.That how she found out she needed to collect the special powder. It this bad guy that give people this white elephant so they lose all their money because every night it need fresh rare tree leafs for its tusk. Sometime in public people draw on the elephant.
So she set off one morning to the volcano he trip was crossing a jungle and lake pirates they at like they was acting like it was a lake boat but when she was on it they started to talk to each other wiping.Hearing so of them. ''saying no you do it''. ''you do it''.She said is there a problem. One of them said no but give me all your money.She said ''I have a few dollars at home i can give to you when i come back''.They had wooden swords with silver paper over them so they can look real.