Samuel Adams

By:Tanmayi and Stone

When he was born and died

He was born in September 27,1722 in Massachusetts Samuel died in 1803.
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Facts about Samuel

His second cousin is John Adams the second president of the U.S.A.

He helped gain independence from Great Britain.

He was governor of Massachusetts.

He convinced others to fight for freedom he was a very important person.

He was one of the first founding father.

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Revere bowl

Silver bowl made by Paul Revere at Boston.

The 92 members of the House of Representatives of Massachusetts bay colony who voted not to rescind the so called circular letter written by Samuel Adams 30 June 1768.


I think Samuel was a great man because he fought for freedom.

He was brave to fight in war.

He is very important because he was a founding father.

I think he was old because he lived for 81 years.

I think he was dressy because all the pictures look dressy.

Fun facts

Samuel was one of the first founding father of the U.S.A.

Samuel went to college at Harvard College he graduated in 1743.


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