Monday, March 23rd

Spring has sprung!

You wouldn't have known it by looking out the window this morning, but Spring has arrived! We here are RVDL are missing all of our patrons, and wishing you all a healthy and happy spring! We will continue to remain closed for the time being, but want to continue to send you information and fun activities to help this time go by quickly.

Easter Egg Hunt Update

Due to current conditions, we will be postponing the Easter Egg Hunt. We will instead be having a Dinosaur Egg Hunt this summer to coincide with our "Dig Deeper: Read, Investigate, Discover" Summer Reading Program. Keep an eye out for the new date coming soon!

Looking for a way to help?

Illinois has a link on their site to find ways to help if you are healthy. Some of these include ways you can help from home. One way that anyone over the age of 16 can do to help, is to donate blood. There is a Blood Drive scheduled at the library for Saturday, April 18th. If you are healthy and able to donate, please consider doing so. There is also a way to complete your questionnaire at home prior to your appointment, to help speed up the blood donation process. You can email if you have any further questions. Click the button labeled "Blood Drive" below to register to donate.

Check out Cincinnati Zoo's Home Safaris!

Home Safari - Hippos (Fiona) - Cincinnati Zoo

Big Library Read Program with Overdrive has begun!

Overdrive (Libby) has started its annual

Big Library Read Program a week early!

Feel free to check out the first book on your Libby app:

Funny, You Don't Look Autistic

by Michael McCreary

Click Here for a digital Escape Room!

Check out this fun boredom buster at