Achievements & Recognitions

1st Edition

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The vision of Technology Integration at Wakefield is to continue teaching our academically rigorous Liberal Arts curriculum, but to do so using tools that make it even more relevant in today's world. To that end, we have made some tremendous headway during the first half of this school year. Below is a listing of just a few of the success stories.....

2nd Grade Hand Washing Project

Have you noticed the posters outside the bathrooms on proper hand washing? These were done by Ms. Lambourne's 2nd graders using multiple iPad apps including Skitch, QR Code, and Camera Apps. If you scan the QR codes on the posters, you can even see the hand washing videos they created! (If you need a QR code scanner, NeoReader is great)

Hour of Code and Programming

We celebrated Computer Science Week with extremely successful Hour of Code events in our 1st through 6th grade classes. Introductory computer programming is now being taught regularly in our 3rd through 5th grade classes and a more advanced course is in development for our 8th graders.

New 6th Grade Technology Curriculum

Our 6th Grade Creative Arts Curriculum, Google Apps 2.0, was updated to emphasize practical, instructional, uses of this wonderful cloud-based computing solution. A unit on Digital Citizenship has been introduced, as well as additional, project-based, units incorporating specific ways the students can use these tools for learning.

The JK-3 iPad Program is Going Strong

First introduced last year, the iPad integration program is growing among our younger students. Emphasis is placed on the learning objectives and not just "playing on the iPad" (although they do have fun doing it!). In the JK and K classes, the children enjoy using their iPads alongside their classroom interactive boards for their lessons. Ms. Mullett's 1st Grade students recently began learning using the OSMO - a device that integrates the iPad with handheld manipulatives to teach spatial reasoning, spelling, and numbers. And in Ms. Reedy's 3rd Grade class, students are so engaged with learning that you can literally hear a pin drop when they are working on their Math skills using Sumdog or coding using's Computer Science curriculum

Teacher Tech Exploration is on the Rise!

More and more of our teachers are experimenting with alternative teaching strategies, including Google Classroom, Google Forms, and Kahoot. Kahoot has been especially popular among our students. If you have ever played a trivia game, Kahoot is much like that but the questions are created by the teacher to meet specific learning objectives. The student who answers the fastest with the most correct answers wins!

It's Your Turn!

Congratulations to the teachers who have been working diligently to engage students in new and innovative ways! Going forward, a Technology Spotlight brochure like this one will go out regularly so that we can recognize the work that is being done. If you would like to be featured in the flyer, or if you would like to nominate another teacher to be featured, just click here and complete the short form. In this way we can share our ideas and successes and learn from each other.