1. Lonnie George Johnson

2. By:Faith Fierro and Angelina Corral

4. What lonnie g. johnson is famous for

Lonnie g. Johnson is famous for inventing. He invented a lot of things,even though some never made it such as a diaper that played nursery rymes when soiled. His most impressive was the super soaker. He also built a robot in highschool for a science fair and won first place.

8. A quote from lonnie g. johnson

The quote I found was " I once got fired from a job because of my super soaker. I guess that's what happens when you accidentally drench a customer when you are trying to get a co-worker that ducks."-Lonnie G. Johnson.

9. Life Lesson

The life lesson from Lonnie G. Johnson is to never give up, because he didn't give up even when some of his inventions failed.

10. Five words i used to describe lonnie g. johnson

1. Inventor

2. Scientist

3. Curious

4. Fun

5. Genious

11. Five ineresting Facts about lonne g. johnson

1. He worked for the air force.

2. He completed the cassini and the galileo missions.

3. He was a curious child.

4. He is one of the few african-american inventors.

5. He built a robot in highschool.

12. Three important facts about lonnie g. johnson

1. He is an inventor.

2. He invented the first super soaker.

3. Some of his inventions failed to catch on.

13. Resources i used

The resources websites i visited were: WWW.bio.com, and Google images.

14. About Lonnie G. Johnson`s parents.

His father was a World War II veteran who, worked as a cilivian driver at nearby Air Force base. His mother worked in a laundry and as a nurse`s aid. During the summer, both of Johnson`s parents also picked cotton on his grandfather`s farm.
Lonnie G. Johnson, Super Soaker Inventor, FRC Judge