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President of the european hd radio alliance we look forward to working with the aim of increasing awareness of hd radio technology and its many benefits for european broadcasters and consumers the conference of european hd radio alliance fell with the event of radio days in the swiss together at this second annual event those responsible for the hd radio field trial in central switzerland were over experts from countries welcomed prominent speakers held their hd radio days presentations on the regulatory and commercial sides of the broadcasting industry and discussed the latest developments in the hd radio sector this hd radio workshops were held on topics such as surround sound and the electronic guidewe are pleased to join their colleagues in brazil and the usa and also create their own hd radio association european broadcasters now said robert president and ceo of digital corporationa developer of thus remains at the forefront of international hd radio launch and we look forward to working closely with this group in their efforts to make known to a wider audience the hd radio technology the hd radio ™

System is the digital standard for am / fm radio stations the nowadays rapidly and economically to implement hd radio technology enables transmitter stations around the world to upgrade to crystal clear sound a wider range of content channels and new data services and all this in the existing frequencies the hd radio technology is the only of the fcc (federal communications commission) approved in the united states technology it is applied at the time of more than us stations the hd radio technology is intended for worldwide application the international telecommunication union (itu) has an adopted a preliminary recommendation in the fm iboc system (referred to by the itu as digital system c) is supported as a standard radio tamil news for digital broadcasting above mhz in a draft revision to recommendation itu-rbs - the digital systemc is added as an approved digital system the european hd tamil fm list radio fm tamil online alliance participates in the european standardization.

Approval process part (etsi / itu) and will regularly issue bulletins on the status of technological developments legal regulations and frequency planning in switzerland - the very first radio went on the air radio srf has its th anniversary and celebrate the three digital srg music radio swiss classic jazz and pop's the fm tamil online anniversary radio is a success long history of the interaction between program makers and technology-rounders for decades and the switch from analogue to digital radio also remains modern because of this hoard of quality journalism is technologically on the amount of it benefits from the internet fm tamil online where listeners can access broadcasts anywhere anytime the boundary between broadcasting.