Early Learning Staff News

April 11th-15th

Welcome Back Team!

i hope everyone got to experience some well deserved down time doing something that you enjoy. Whether you were in town, up north, down south, or otherwise, I hope that you relaxed and feel rejuvenated. We will have a lot of exciting things happening in these last 31 days with our students! Yes, 31 days!!! Let's make every one of them count towards getting our Little Cardinal's both academically and socially ready for their next school experience!

Apple TV's Installed at GSRP during Spring Break

The Apple TV units were installed in our classrooms during break. Thank you to the technology department as they have needed to prioritize a great amount of work toward preparation for the upcoming M-STEP online assessments and many other high stake online assessments that will be given at the secondary levels this week.

There are a few minor things that still need to be taken care of to complete the Apple TV installations:

Room 1- Mr. Lesko still needs to work on a cabling problem.

Room 3- Will need a longer HDMI cable and one will be delivered very soon.

For the classrooms with ceiling projectors, the Apple TV's had to be located on the teacher's desk or another cabinet near the AV plugs at the wall. For the wall mounts, the units are right on top of the projector. More instruction will come on how to use the units. I use the Apple TV to mirror my ipad at the Cardinal's Nest and it is very useful for showing many apps whole group in the preschool room. Our preschool appropriate Ipad cases are also scheduled to be delivered this week. I know that you all have been anxiously awaiting our cart for the ipads. The cart has been delivered and the tech department is working towards getting it ready for us. I am just as excited as you are to get these in the hands of our students. Thanks for your patience! And a special thanks to the tech department for the work behind the scenes.

The Week Ahead...

Monday, April 11th- Welcome Back! School Resumes after Spring Break. Mrs. Anderson's class leads the pledge this week.

Tuesday, April 12th-

Wednesday, April 13th- State Licensing Updates- Susan and Marilyn (Flint 9:00-3:30)

Thursday, April 14th- Staff Pot Luck- Theme- Eating around the Theme (sign up in lounge)

Friday, April 15th- Gmail training for Cardinal's Nest 4 year old staff and all GSRP staff. 9:00-10:00. Coordinator's Meeting (Susan)

ECS visits for Final PQA scores...

Our ECS will be doing final visits for PQA scoring:

  • April19th- Robin and Haley
  • April 21st- Andrea and Erin
  • April 26th-Lindsey and Michelle
  • May 3rd- April and Heidi
  • May 5th- Angie, Stephanie, and Susan

Remember to review you goals and feedback from our baseline visits. Our scores not only reflect the quality of our program but also ensure funding for future allocations.

**As for ASQ and ASQ- SE screenings for students with below average scores- As discussed at our staff meeting, I will clarify which ASQ's need to be redone at the end of the year.

ABC Countdown

I am in awe that it is time to start the ABC countdown! It's just hard to believe that we are at this point in the school year. Maybe the weather has something to do with that??? This is a fun way to strengthen our students phonics knowledge. We will get the revised list that we came up with at the staff meeting. You all provided great input with some very creative themes. You can look to receive this in your mailbox by this Wednesday.

For Mar Visits

Mark your calendars for the For Mar Honeybee Buddies visit. You all received a flyer with details regarding the visit. More information regarding the schedule will be provided soon.

Reading Month Results

Reading month was a success! You can see by the length of our caterpillar that our expectations were exceeded. We more that tripled our 1,460 book goal. Our top reader will be announced this week and acknowledged with a special prize. The camping theme also proved to be fun for our kids. Thanks to all of you for going above and beyond with making the month special for our students!
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