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ELA & SS with Mrs. Drayton


Writing memoirs are coming along very nicely! This week, your child should be wrapping up his or her draft and learning to revise by showing not telling. Many students are telling their stories without "showing" the reader how it actually happened with sensory details, descriptive words, and their feelings.

In addition, I'm trying to make them more aware of their sentence structure and how using transitions can make their writing flow better. I hope you see a difference in their writing once we are done. We're definitely trying!


After the Winter Break, our focus was to understand how and why the United States began to expand its territories overseas. This week we began to explore our involvement in WWI. Listed below are the standards your child is responsible for understanding. Please make sure they are studying and discussing these topics with you on a daily basis.

· 5-3.5 Summarize the reasons for the United States control of new territories as a result of the Spanish American War and the building of the Panama Canal, including the need for raw materials and new markets and competition with other world powers.

· 5-3.6 Summarize the factors that led to the involvement of the United States in World War I and the role of the United States in fighting the war.

Math & Science with Ms. Cloyd

Math News

We are working on multiplying and dividing decimals.

Learn Zillion Quick Codes for Chapter 6 are: LZ545, LZ546, LZ547, LZ3094, and LZ3430.

Each lesson that is completed in class can be reviewed at home. Your child has their username and a password for the My Math series. We do this often at school but using this, your child can login to their student textbook/

workbook at home. This is good if your child would like extra practice, or if they forget their homework and want to look it up on the e-book.

Science News

We are continuing to work on Our Science Fair projects. The completed project will be presented to classmates Wednesday and Thursday, January 22 and 23.

If possible, please encourage your child to work on the presentation at home, as tomorrow (Friday) is our last day to work on Science Fair projects in the classroom. I have told all of my students to have 4-6 research questions. Each one should have three COMPLETE sentences each. I am so proud of how hard everyone has been working on Science Fair and am looking forward to seeing the final products! J

Our next unit of study (Force and Motion) will begin Monday, January 27.

Edmodo: Math and Science

Tuesdays and Thursdays, I will assign either a Math problem or a Science “think” question that needs to be answered and submitted to me through Edmodo. Before Christmas several of these were completed, so your child knows what is expected.

Field Trip Update

Where: Magnolia Plantation & Gardens, Charleston, SC

Date: Wednesday, April 9th

Deposit Info: $25 due tomorrow on Friday, 1/17/14

Total cost: $45

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