Families in Medieval Europe

Jasmine Rodriguez


  • was almost always arranged.
  • marriages had almost nothing to do with love or romance
  • were used to affect the family, the economy, and inheritance


  • were usually regarded less than men, and during marriage the wife was property of the husband
  • were regarded as objects, and dogs and beasts
  • A wife who scolded her husband would have been beaten and kicked


  • was rare and was only permitted by breaking one of the three laws
  • the three laws made by the church are age, consent, and consanguinity
  • Men could have used the third law and could have had a divorce with his wife by lying that she was actually related to her (to the forth degree, marriage between relatives were not allowed)
  • women barely had the privilege to have caused divorce by this method.

Roles of women:

  • were the greatest supporters of the medieval household
  • without the housewife, their household would never have been so convenient
  • one of her first jobs was to go shopping for food
  • her other jobs were making beds, cleaning the house, cooking, and also taking care of their personal garden
  • medieval women were not only working in their house, but also worked outside, mainly practicing her husband’s craft