Welcome to Lineville!!😊

by: jakob k.


Hey you! Ya you! Come over here,here are 5 awesome things about Lineville! SO JUST FOLLOW ME!


Have you ever gotten your snack stolen? Well not any more thanks to locks! You do not want to tell your friend (NOT EVEN YOUR BEST ONE) your combination, because if he or she is sneaky and steals something you will be TERRIBLY mad. I was worried that I would not my combination so ask any one you trust(teacher,But most likely you won't forget,but you will in the 1st 2 weeks) So, when you come to Lineville DO NOT TELL ANYBOBY your combination.


Did you know there are a lot of incentives, like 3-2 less minors and no majors get you a cool insetives and some are:

  • Extra gym activity

  • Nome games game (1 per year)

  • Ice cream

  • Movie

Those are some,there are more. Also in case you don't get a single house insetive(me) there are also school insetives. But there is lunch detention,MASH,going to noon evry day.

I'm not gonna write more so I won't scare you off.

Music choices

There are 3 music choices: choir, orchestra, and, Band. First comes band, the instrumental dream. In band there are percussion instruments,Brass, and Woodwind. Orchestra takes out percussion and puts in string like the Violin. In Chior you sing jazz, popular, Folk (well known songs like row row row your boat)and any other type of songs. We have 4 concerts a year. Those are the choices.


Schedules at Lineville are waaaaaaaaaay different than you. To start off there are day 1's and days 2's. Then there is gonna be a language arts and math classes, this is my schedule


Language arts


4th hour special

Lunch (2 period)


Social studies

Star (study hall,Exra work time)

8th hour special

Achieve 3000

Well that's all you need to know about the schedule.

Beggining of school

Here are facts about the biggining of the year.

When you first come, it's not a regular school day it still summer break.

What happens is a vice principal talks to the school after you find out your house, lock combination, and locker number. You take a hunt to find your way around the school. Then you go to your locker and practice your combination. That is it BYE.


Unfortunately that's all for now,if you want to learn more,go to Lineville.What ever house you get,HAVE A BLAST. see ya in the hallway!