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English is the language of media, medicine and business. Computing uses English as does the international air traffic control. But is the spread of this language a good thing or a bad one, is the spread of one such a powerful language a disadvantage or an advantage?

I think this is difficult question to answer. It doesn't matter. Today we are going to talk about the caracteristics of the Beginning Level Basic Communicative Skills and in other posts we are going to talk about intermediate and upper advantage. Don't loose them!

A beginner learner of English normally...

English learners at this level can performs simple tasks in English such as ordering food in a restaurant with the help of visual aids, as well as complete simple transactions in shops. Learners can also provide basic explanations about themselves such as stating where they are from, their marital status, their current employment status, etc. Learners at this level can respond in many basic situations, but find difficulty in expressing and / or inquiring about further detail. Learners have noticeable pronunciation difficulties that can at times hinder their ability to be understood by others.

Learners at this level can fill in basic forms and complete simple written tasks such as writing a description of their daily routines, or completing a simple e-mail requesting or providing basic information such as meeting place, time, etc. Learners at this level tend to use simple sentences that lack complex structures such as clauses, generally with a lack of linking language. They also tend to make basic mistakes in tense usage even in basic narrations.

Learners at this level can scan for specific information such as TV schedule times, use bus schedules, etc. Learners have difficulties reading extended texts, but can generally understand the gist of very simple reading tasks.

English learners at this level still have great difficulty in understanding anything more than specific information such as time, location and topic. They can understand simple conversations and listening selections after multiple repetition to complete in-class tasks.

Ok. Maybe you are making questions about your performance. NO WORRIES! Keep studying.


Este vídeo pode parecer contraditório, mas não é!

Aprender uma nova língua, em especial o inglês, é de fundamental importância para o desenvolvimento pessoal e profissional. Entretanto, deve-se sempre lembrar que a língua materna de cada indivíduo é o seu bem maior, pois é através dela que nos posicionamos e nos diferenciamos no mundo.

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Gerusa Souza

Gerusa Souza is graduated in Modern languages at Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais and has been teaching English for 12 years.