All About Me!

Sukhman Dhaliwal

Who Am I?

My name is Sukhman and I am 15 years old and will be turning 16 this year. I am a Canadian citizen that live in Brampton Ontario. I have a family of 5, which consists of my mom, dad and my two older sisters. I enjoy playing outdoors most of the time with my friends or family. My 2 favorite sports are basketball and soccer, which I enjoy playing with my friends. My favorite indoor activity is playing video games with my friends online. As well as playing sports and video games I also enjoy eating. I enjoy eating healthy food more than junk food. I only enjoy eating things that taste good, I am a little bit of a picky eater. My 2 most favorite television shows include Game Of Thrones and The 100. I go to the high school called Louise Arbour Secondary School. I am stuck between 2 options as my future career that are a engineer or a builder. My two favorite subjects are math and science. In my life the best place I have ever visited is India, specifically Panjab. Three words that would describe me the best are caring, chill and friendly. My favorite choice of songs is punjabi and my 3 favorite now days punjabi singers are Dilpreet Dhillon, Ammy Virk and Ranjit Bawa. My true colour is adventurous orange. My strongest MI's are Kinesthetic and Intrapersonal strength. I enjoy both being alone as well as with other people.

My Life Line

My 3 Most Favorite Things

Ranjit Bawa: SHER MARNA (Full Song) Desi Routz | Latest Punjabi Song 2016
Tearing Up Whistler Bike Park - Freeride Mountain Biking

My Leadership Style

The type of leadership that stands out the most in me is a delegator. I am more of a delegator because I show the characteristics of one. I break the end goal down into parts and I assign each team member with a specific task, and I also expect results from everyone! At the end I put everything together as the finished product.
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My Influences, Role Models, and people in my life

I do not have any influences, I mean if you count yourself as one then, yes. I do not look up to anyone, I am a self motivator and I do not need others to motivate me. I do not have anyone as my role model or someone whom I look up to. I am my own motivation, role model and influence. My family, cousins and close friends are the only people in my life.

My Future

I am stuck between two future careers, which are automotive engineering or a builder. I am interested in these two careers because I am a more hands on person and I enjoy building and taking things apart. I will have to take the mandatory courses needed to get into the career and university that I desire. Some of those courses include Chemistry, Physics, English, Advanced Functions and Calculus and Vectors.

My Family Symbol

My family symbol is the Khanda. This symbol represents my religion which is Sikhism. This also represents me and my family because we are Sikhs.The Khanda represents my family because we are proud to be Sikh's. We all have pride for our background and religious symbol. I am not much of a religious person, but I do know some things about my religion.

My Learning Styles

After completing the learning styles test I found out that my learning style is Kinesthic. I was not surprised at the results of this test since i already knew what my strongest learning style was. I learn best when I do things hands on. Now knowing for sure that m strongest learning style is Kinesthic it will help me when I need to learn important things in the future since I am trying to because either an engineer or builder.

Kinesthic: 40%

Visual: 31%

Auditory: 29%

My Personality

After completing the personality test I officially found out that my personality is ESTJ, which stands for Extroverted, Sensing, Thinking, and Judging. I was not that surprised at the final scores for the test. I was not surprised at the results at all because I already knew I was all of those things.

My Interests

After completing the Interests test I found out that my interest type is a contractor. A contractor is a person who contracts to do work according to his or her own processes and methods. After seeing the results of the test I was once again not surprised. I already knew my interests therefore it did not surprise me much.

My Knowledge Test

After completing the knowledge test I found out that my top subject area is business. I was indeed surprised to see the results since I did not do good in my previous business coarses. My second subject area is physical education and m third is science. I thought that either science or math would be my top subject areas because I like those two subjects the most.

My Motivations Test

I agree with my top motivation factor being Achievement. Achievement is something that has been accomplished, achieved or completed through effort, overall the result of hard work. I agree with my to motivation being achievement because when I am asked to do something or am doing something, what motivates me is achieving the goal I set to finish or complete the set task. I work for the satisfaction of achievement, for completing something something I made or built, even if it was alone or in a group.

Multiple Intelligence's Test

After doing the MI intelligences test I found out about my strongest and weakest MI’s. My strongest MI’s came out to be a tie between my Kinesthetic strength and my Intrapersonal strength which were both 70’s. In order from my strongest MI’s to my weakest are Kinesthetic strength, Intrapersonal strength, Naturalist strength, Musical strength, Logical strength, Interpersonal strength, Existential strength, Visual strength and Verbal strength which is my weakest strength. I also had a tie between my Naturalist strength, Musical strength and Logical strength which were all 60’s. Most of my MI’s were fairly close together other than the two weakest.
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True Colours Test

I agree because I meet the criteria for this colour. I like action because I do not like boring things for example I like to go on the big rides in wonderland and not the small rides. Excitement because I do not like routines, I mostly like new and exciting things such as going to a new place or trying something new, I am always excited to try new things. Freedom because I do not like to be restricted, I like to do as I please. not in a sense of I can do whatever I want but in a sense of I have choices and no one is there to hold me back from doing what I want. As well as act on impulse because when I want something or to do something I do it if I can. I am also playful and fun-loving because I like to play with my friends and other people, I am always down to do anything that involves fun, at the same time I like to be competitive. I like to be competitive because sometimes or most of the time I like to win and not loose. I am also very adventurous and like to take risks because I like to do thing that have a little factor of risk in it, and I enjoy a little bit of an adrenaline rush.