how do bilingual brains work

by jaden

how your brain benefits from multiple languages

studies done on young bilinguals shows that when you fluently speak two languages it helps your brain process information. also if you learn the language when you are young it puts the information in with your native language but when you learn a new language when you are an adult it has to create a whole separate area for it.

what the languages do to your brain

one of the most interesting thing with learning a second language is the fact of when you learn it your brain grows a noticeable amount. when you learn certain languages it requires rewiring of your brain because of the fact of some languages have something called a phoneme which is when they pronounce something differently because of how their language works. like in Japanese they do not see l and r as different letters they are a single thing so when Japanese people learn English their brain has to create new parts of the brain to understand it.