Jobs Today

Date: October 4th 2012


***Future jobs for kids are big. When I grow up I want to be a nurse I this article is going to be about what it takes to be a nurse. Who wants to be a nurse? People who want to go to nursing school like my one and only sister. Where do you become a nurse? College, like my sister wants to go to Iowa or Creighton and I agree with those decisions. What does it take to be a nurse?

***Making sure that you are not afraid of blood or needles and that you are prepared. Why do people want to be a nurse? Well my sister and I enjoy that we want to be nurses because we both love helping people.

***How do you become a nurse? By going to school, college and education. Also you need to have people skills, patients and quick decisions you also need to know all the body parts and bones. Well that’s all I know about nursing I hope someday you take interest in nursing someday. Thank You- By: Lauren Leuschen


***You’ve got to work to achieve greatness in the army. You’ve got to promise to protect and defend the U.S.

But you get to be free like everybody else you can see family and friends, or you can play sports.

***You can have free time or you can furlough with permission.

Being a soldier means to live up a high standard.

Soldiers use there skills to train. By: Ethan Leinen

NFL Patriot Footbal

***To get in the NFL football league you have to play hard every play and practice and eat healthy. You must have sportsmanship and be able to play every game.
*** Another If you want to play for the NFL you have to do good in college football because the NFL sends a person to every game to watch and see who's good or not. Or you can send a videotape of you playing a game to the NFL.By: Levi Culp


***Have you ever wondered what you want to be when you grow up? Well if you want to be a lawyer this is how first of all you have to have 4 years of college and 3 years of law school! A good thing about being a lawyer is you get to help people out with various problems like divorce, bankruptcy, or wills.*** In a usual town a lawyer annually makes 78,310$- 87,130$! There are a steady amount of lawyers in the USA. in 2006 there was 761,000 employed! That’s about all! By: Will Sonderman


What does it take to be a vet?
Veterinarian medicine is a career where
You need to be good at math, psychology, English,
physiology. You need to like school, taking tests and
studying a lot. For vets in rural areas there can be
emergency calls on nights, weekends and holidays.
The same vet said the rewarding
Of their job is working with animals and seeing the
happy faces of pets and owner. By: Selena Davila
The Picture above is our news staff:
Lauren Leuschen, Will Sonderman, Levi Culp, Ethan Leinen, Selena Davila