Varsity Cheerleading Update

Jefferson Junior High School

Weekly Practice Information

Remember that we cancelled practice for Monday after school. We also have Thursday off... we won't have classes that day, so I hope you all have a happy Halloween! We will have practice 3:35-5:10pm on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. From 3:35-4:25 we'll be in my classroom or the hallways, and then from 4:25-5:10, we'll have the fitness center to practice. Since we only have three days of practice this week, here's the plan:

3:35-3:40: Attendance, Announcements, and Jewelry Check in Room 101
3:40-3:50: Stretches in the Hallway as a Group
3:50-4:10: Sideline Chant Review/New Material
  • Our goal is to know a total of 30 sideline chants by the end of the week.

4:10-4:20: Cheer Review

  • We'll Review "Get to It" and the Tryout Cheer that Emilija taught you at clinics on Tuesday.
  • Wednesday you'll learn a new halftime/quarter cheer.
  • Friday we'll review the new cheer and clean up all three.

4:20-4:25: Break for Bathroom/Water

4:25-4:45: Group A does Tumbling Runs/Group B does Dance Clean-Up

  • We'll be working on the goals Kayla and Parker set for each of you individually.
  • The goal is to have the dance SOLID and SHARP by the end of the week so we can work more on stunting next week.

4:45-5:05: Group B does Tumbling Runs/Group A does Dance Clean-Up

  • We'll be working on the goals Kayla and Parker set for each of you individually.
  • The goal is to have the dance SOLID and SHARP by the end of the week so we can work more on stunting next week.

Cheer Resources

On TUESDAY, we will take pictures of each of the individual girls (right at the beginning) to display on the cheerleading bulletin board at the front of the school. It will look very similar to the way the varsity boys all have their pictures up on the basketball bulletin board. I'll have the blank v-neck team shirts for you to throw on over whatever you're wearing so you'll look similar for the pictures. These will be posted in the hallway throughout the season (until March)... so I just wanted to give you a heads up that we'll be taking these pictures at the beginning of practice on Tuesday.

Because we are learning so much new material so quickly at practice (which is AWESOME), I will work on pulling girls this week at practice (while we have some time off stunting) to make and post videos of our sideline chants and halftime/quarter cheers, so the girls can practice and review at home if they'd like a refresher.

The dance we've been learning can be seen here: . We've made small tweaks, but for the most part, we are following the UCA extreme routine for Swagger Jagger. The lyrics were up for debate at practice, so here they are (without the counts and instructions) if you just want to practice to the music:

Tumbling Goals

We had high school cheerleaders from DGN and DGS come to help at our four hour Saturday practice. I feel so lucky to have such great resources (and former students) who are willing to come back and help our program to grow and develop. Last year, five of our twelve eighth grade cheerleaders made the high school team (the most anyone can remember), and one even made varsity as a freshmen! I'm hopeful with positive leadership & attitudes, strong work ethics, and support... we'll have even better results this year!

So... we have some good news and some bad news. Bad news first: One area of weakness on this year's team (which the girls know about and we've discussed) is tumbling. We have a few girls that are strong in this area... but we are going to face off against teams where EVERY girl on the team has a standing back tuck... some even have standing tucks and synchronized roundoff flip-flop tumbling passes. Now for the good news: we have great resources and practice space to strengthen this area. We have a few girls that are great spots and can help coach the other team members through strengthening this area of competitive cheer. The DGN varsity cheer coach said their biggest tips to prepare for tryouts: have strong tumbling and have a positive attitude towards work and learning new things. We had two high school cheerleaders at Saturday's practice who helped set two-week tumbling goals for each girl on our team. This is something they do on many competitive cheer teams to help grow as tumblers. The high school girls set pretty ambitious goals for our girls, but we will work on it! I will set aside 20 minutes per practice for the next week to help girls work on achieving their goals.

Individual two-week goals are as follows:

  • Sarah - back handspring (standing or running)
  • Rachel - back handspring (standing or running)
  • Giuliana - standing tuck/running round-off back hand spring, tuck
  • Malina - standing round off/solid running round-off
  • Jaresa - standing back handspring/solid running round off
  • Emily W - standing tuck/running back handspring, tuck
  • Mikayla - back handspring (standing or running)
  • Charli B - back handspring (standing or running)
  • Kayla M - back handspring (standing or running)
  • Grace - back handspring (standing or running)
  • Lora - ariel (so you don't put pressure on your injured wrist)
  • Julie - standing back handspring
  • Rakiya - back handspring (standing or running)
  • Karissa - back handspring (standing or running)
  • Sophie - running back handspring - layout/standing full or tuck
  • Abby - N/A (injured)
  • Amaya - standing bank handspring/solid running round-off
  • Jaccara - standing round off/solid running round-off

Our manager, Amiyah, has been a great help at practice! Another girl expressed interest in being a cheer manager, so we may have two! After some thought, we will not have managers practicing stunting or tumbling... but they are welcome to learn cheers, chants or dances if they'd like to work on strengthening their cheer skills. The managers will also be taking attendance/tardies and helping with music and making sure everyone knows what they need to know! :)

Sideline Chants

We have learned:
  1. Jump Ball
  2. Take it to the Hoop
  3. Yell, Bring It
  4. Big Blue's in the House
  5. One, We are the Wolverines
  6. We Strive for Perfection
  7. Hot to Go
  8. To the G, To the O
  9. Go, Wolverines, Let's Go
  10. JEFF xx ERSON xx (The Clapping Cheer)
  11. De-Fense XX/ Off-Ense XX
  12. We Will Rock You
  13. Fire It Up, Fire It Up, We're the Best in Town, We're the Best Around...
  14. Wave Your Hands
  15. Dribble It, Pass It, We Want a Basket!
  16. Let's Go Jefferson
  17. Free Throw Chant (Yeah, Yeah, Let's go __________)
  18. Hey, Go Wolverines! Heyyyyy, Go Wolverines!
  19. TA KE Take that Ball Away
  20. J-J-JEF, F-F-FER, S-S-SON, Jefferson Wolverines! (line switch transition)

Calendar Update

I knew it was too good to be true! I felt so good about having six months of information to share with you last week. Unfortunately, I have a couple small changes. While almost everything will still be true... there may be changes as we go based on need. I will be sure to communicate with you when this happens.
  • When I made the schedules, I accidentally put the Villa Park competition on Saturday, February 8th. It is actually one week earlier - on Saturday, February 1st. It works out nicely because it's exactly one month before Jefferson's cheer competition for conference cheer teams.
  • When I made the schedules, I also did not include January 7th's trip to Eisenhower Junior High for a cheerleading clinic. That's the week of our big state trip to IESA... so we may add a competition practice afterwards (as a double header practice) because I'm nervous about missing a practice right before competition. We'll play that one by ear based on the needs of the girls and the team.