2015 year recap

by: brendan fletcher

top marketed companies of 2015

1) NIKE - new promotions with people that are very well known in the world (LeBron James life time deal)

2) ADDIDAS -many new products that sold very well. New endorsements with famous people

3) APPLE - new succesfull products. (apple watch won best product of the year)

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Best products of 2015

1) apple watch

2) play station 4

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worst products of 2015

1) Sony Walkman NW-ZX2

2) Kanye West's air

Back in March of this year, a number of users on eBay were selling ziplock bags of air, allegedly from Kanye West's "Yeezus" concert tour. Prices on the air bags ranged from $1,000 to $1,500,

best movies of 2015

Avengers- marketed on almost every TV channel available. You could hear about this movie from pretty much anywhere. social media, magazines, websites, news papers, etc

Jurassic world- I saw many advertisements at malls and shopping centers as well as commercials on many different channels

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best music artists of 2015

1) J Cole- he did not have any features on his album: 2014 Forrest hills drive, which is not very common now a days so it created hype for his album. he also went on a world tour to promote his album

2) Justin Bieber- he had his album talked about pretty much everywhere. I think everyone in America had known of his album "purpose" which he released in late 2015

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tv shows of 2015

top 5:


Game of Thrones


The Walking Dead


The Daily Show


Saturday Night Live



My new years resolution

I am going to eat healthier as well as try and help my family and people around me be healthier. another goal of mine this year is to continue my life and go on to college and play colligate baseball.