Don't Like Tea?

Get Ready To Toss it all in the Ocean!

Dumping it out!

If you're like us and are sick of these British taxes, then come with us to dump all of the tea you can imagine into the sea. We are going to dress up as Native Americans to get on the ship with the tea, and will toss it into the ocean once we're aboard!

The Boston Tea Party

Sunday, Dec. 16th 1973 at 4:30pm

Boston Harbor, Boston, MA, United States

Boston, MA


4:30 - Meet up at the Boston Harbor

4:35 - Get dressed up as Native Americans (clothing, face paint, feathers, etc.)

4:50 - Board the ship casually

4:55 - Dump as much tea as you can into the ocean

See You There!

Make sure to come prepared and with your Native American costume, although supplies will be prepared.