By: Lois Lowry Project By: Amaya Mason


Jonas lives in a plain community where everything is controlled down from who you marry to what job you get. Citizens in this society don't have feelings. If everyone was the same there would be less room for chaos. So that's why they created Sameness. No one in the community is different. Except Jonas. On the Ceremony of Twelve, Jonas is selected for a task that might change his life. He meets the Giver, who opens up his eyes to what the world was like. However, when Jonas realizes that his seemingly peaceful community isn't what it seem, will his life be at risk?


Jonas, the protagonist of the book, is a very warmhearted, amiable character. In the beginning, Jonas is conflicted by what he's going to become in the community. Despite this, in the Ceremony of Twelve, he is chosen to be the next Receiver of Memories. Jonas faces many challenges as times passes. Things are revealed to Jonas that he never knew existed, and as his mind starts to open to the world he begins to see stuff as they truly are.
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"If you were to be lost in the river, Jonas, your memories would not be lost with you. Memories are forever.”

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-The community in the book was very interesting because everything was controlled and the same, and I've never read a book like that.

-I like the concept that of the transferring of memories.


-I didn't like how they weren't allowed to share their memories with the other citizens.


1. How does Jonas become alienated from his friends after he becomes the next Receiver?

2. How is Jonas' relationship with the Giver different from everyone else in the community?

3. What is release?