Wynford Elementary

September Newsletter

Adventure awaits!

This year our school theme is "Adventure." With all of the changes that the district is going through as the construction occurs, it is an adventure for sure!

Over the summer there were many renovations that occurred in our elementary building:

all new exterior doors, all new windows--with fire escape capabilities, cameras were installed, a new pager/speaker system within the building, all the rooms were painted and a new entry system was installed.

Unfortunately, over the summer one of our bus drivers passed away and another one was diagnosed with cancer. Mr. Shupp has been reworking the routes and bus placement to try to make up for being short those two drivers. We are currently looking to hire more drivers, if you know someone who is interested, or if you would like to become a bus driver, please reach out to Mr. Shupp! We appreciate your patience and understanding as the year progresses.

Students have already completed the beginning of the year diagnostics in reading and math, using the iReady online system. Students have the ability to log in at home, their instruction is based on how they scored on the initial assessment. The reading portion meets the requirements of the Third Grade Reading Guarantee for students in kindergarten through third grade. Teachers will be sharing the score reports and additional information on how your student scored within the next month. If you have questions on those reports, please contact your student's teacher.

If you have not filled out the online information on Final Forms, please do immediately. We use this data base for emergency contact information. If you are in need of assistance, please call the office, we will set up a time for you to come into the office and fill them out.

If you want to fill out forms for Free/Reduced Lunches, those forms have to be printed off and turned in to the office. If you need a copy, let the office know and they will be sent home.

As always, the connection between home and school is a vital part of your student's success. If you have concerns, please contact us via note, email or phone call. Communication is the key to success for us all!

Yours in Education,

Nelle Ratliff

419.562.4619, ext 302


From the Desk of Mrs. Taylor-Sheldon

Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year!

Again this year, I am Mrs. Ratliff’s assistant, am working on attendance and managing bus discipline issues with Mr. Shupp. I see your students often in classrooms, at lunch and recess time and in the unfortunate case if he or she was ever sent to the office. However, I know most of your children from the daily interactions of school.

As a friendly reminder, please call the school if your child is ill for the day or have an appointment in advance in order for the office to know that they are safe at home for the day. You will receive a phone call in the event that you have forgotten to call in. Upon his or her return, IN ORDER FOR THE ABSENCE TO BE EXCUSED A NOTE MUST BE WRITTEN TO THE SCHOOL for us to have it on record. The attendance policy is in the student handbook for your reference. Please call me at extension 303 if you have questions. Excessive absences will be noted with letters home before the end of the 9 weeks.

Thank you again for your support of our students and school district. I look forward to meeting many of you in the future.

Amy Taylor-Sheldon

Wynford Elementary Assistant Principal

Wynford Elementary School

Serving students preschool through 6th grade.

Every child, every day, every dream...is our passion.

Parking Lot Drop Off and Pick Up

Thank you to everyone who has participated in the drop-off and pick-up new process. While it seemed complicated the first few weeks, the procedure to bring students to school or gather them at the end of the day is working well.

Reminders for drop-off:

The tardy bell rings at 8:30 am, so if you are just pulling in the lot at 8:30, your child may be tardy.

If a vehicle could pull up as far as possible in the U-shaped drop-off perimeter, then students can more efficiently get out of cars and enter the building. Space is provided around the perimeter of the U-shape for all weather, so no one has to walk in the snow this winter and that all students can safely walk in the parking lot without crossing traffic.

Reminders for pick-up:

Students will not be released until 3:35 pm.

Cars should not be left idling while the person picking the students up wait.

You are responsible for all of the other children that you bring to pick-up including those children's safety.

The cones on the north side of the parking lot are provided to keep you and your students who will be released from the building safe.

You are to remain inside the cones and not stand on the sidewalk or grass in order for students to be picked up.

The students will come to you in the line by the cones.

NO CARS will be released from the parking lot before the buses leave in order to maintain the fidelity of the route times. If you child has a 4:00 pm appointment, it is advised to send a note and pick your child up in advance in order to avoid being trapped in the lot and make your appointment on time. The parking lot usually empties by 3:50. Please plan accordingly.

Upcoming Events

Wednesday, October 2nd--Midterm grades sent home

Wednesday and Thursday, October 2nd and 3rd--Mini Cheer Clinic After School

Friday, October 4th--Mini Cheer Performs at Varsity Game

Thursday, October 10th--Picture Retake Day

Friday, October 11th--Fire Safety Day

Wednesday, October 16th--PTO Meeting--1st Graders Featured

Friday, October 18th--End of the 1st Quarter

Tuesday, October 22nd and Thursday, October 24th--3rd Grade ELA State Testing Dates

Thursday, October 24th--Parent Teacher Conferences

Monday, October 28th--Parent Teacher Conferences

Tuesday, October 29th--PTO Fundraiser Kick Off

Friday, November 1st--Halloween Parties held in the morning

Monday, November 4th--PTO Paint Night

Tuesday, November 5th--Election Day--No School for students

7 Habits Review--Habit 1--Be Proactive

You're in charge! You are responsible person who takes initiative.

You choose your actions, attitudes and moods. You do not blame others for your wrong actions. You do the right thing without being asked, even when no one is watching.

Big picture


Students are encouraged to show their PRIDE by demonstrating the following:

I will Persevere

I show Respect

I have Integrity

I am Dependable

I know Everyone matters

Students will be encouraged to wear their PRIDE shirts on Fridays and on special occasions. Students should listen to school announcements and parents can watch for announcements on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Office Check In

If you have been to the school during the school day, you have noticed that there have been changes in our check in procedures.

To be admitted into the building, you will have to bring your driver's license and submit it to the SchoolGate Guardian kiosk. Once you have done that and have been cleared, a badge will print off and you will be buzzed in.

This is one of many procedures that have been added to ensure the safety of our students and staff.

When there are events at school--brunches, breakfast, Santa Shop, holiday parties--all visitors will be required to check in through the kiosk. We will send information home about being pre-screened in order to expedite the process on those events.