Vineyard Vines

November 30-December 5, 2015

Reminders for the Week

I know you all had a wonderful, relaxing week with family. We have so much to be thankful for and I know we are reminded of that when we have time to reflect, laugh and get away from our hectic work life. We have fifteen days until our next break. Keep the family spirit in your hearts while we all help each other make it through this very busy time of year.

Thank you to Ashley Hester for making the arrangements to change our Choir Caroling Day to Monday, the 14th due to Covey changing our review date to the 16th. Also, our Cultural Celebration is changing from the 15th to the 16th. We want all of our Broncos on campus on review day since they have been working toward this for 3 years too.

We will be decorating the atrium this week. Please make a picture ornament at home this week. The only request is that your picture is on it (your family too if you'd like) and the year 2015. Hang it on the tree when you finish it. 15 days and counting. Have a super week!

This Week's Calendar....

November 30-December 5, 2015

Attendance Challenge 96.9%+: Staff: 95.7% Students: 96.1% GOALS Not Met

Homework: 91.7% GOAL Met

Board Game Drive; Coat Drive

Nov 30: ARDS: 8:20 K -Dawson: JN/MC; 10:00- Speech Only-Ramos: CG/MC; 12:10- 4th-TO/MC/HM; 3:00- 2nd- CG/MC/JR

12:45-3:45 Reagan Cluster Vertical Planning (TVC/Torres/Thiel/Byler/Cunningham/Balbert);

3:30-5pm Reading Training- Hill

Dec 1: 5th performs for 3/4 @1:20-2:15;

2:45 Veronica's Baby Shower;

PTA Meeting– 5th performs @ 6:30p

Dec 2: Covey Coffee– 8-9am VR Library;

8:00 El Ratoncito;

8:40 El Ratoncito(Spanish);

11:00 Admin Team;

3:00 CIC

Dec 3: Happy Bday Lisa Diamond; 12 Days: Holiday shirt/jeans

7:30-11:30 Data Debriefs: TVC/Jaquess/Walker/ McManus/Alfaro (CLC 116);

8-11:30 John Siedlitz- Cunningham;

1-4:30 Joh Siedlitz- Contreras;

3-4 VR411 (office conf rm)

Dec 4: 6 week Progress Reports; IIT Meeeting; 12 Days: Picture Ornament on Tree;

PLC- 7:45 Specials; 1:20 SpEd;

1:00- RTI: Mina;

2:45 GLC Check In- Office Conf Rm

Dec 5: VR Chorale performs 12:30-1 @ Stone Oak Winter Festival

Dec 10: VR Strings Concert @ Lopez 6:30pm

Dec 14: Bronco Chorale Caroling 9-1:30pm

Dec 15: Bronco Chorale Concert 6:30pm

Dec 16: Cultural Celebration & Lighthouse Review

Dec 17: PJ Day & Singalong


*Event Calendar: