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Remake Of Paratrooper Game – Parajumper Shooting Game at YePaisa

Shooting games have always been a pro between guys right? And even between girls these days. So, we have a very new action game for you where you’ll get to shoot helicopters, parachutes, etc and at the same time you’ll have to defend yourself too. Yeah! YePaisa has come up with the remake of its beloved game- “Paratrooper” i.e. Parajumper, it’s a never ending game therefore you can score more and more every time you play. The more you play, the more you score. Defense is all that is required in this game, if you can defend yourself, you can score your highest. Your targets will keep on arriving on your screen one after the other; you have to continuously shoot them in order to be in the game.

Your cannon can shoot multiple shots at once. One missile will shoot one target; use the missile to shoot parajumpers. The game ending scenario is when your canon is been hit by a bomb or atmost of 3 para jumpers land safely on the ground.

Save your cannon and destroy the enemy targets to win the game.

Scoring will be as follows-

1. 3 Yeps to destroy one jet

2. 2 Yeps to destroy a bomb

3. 3 yeps to destroy a parajumper.

4. -1 yep to shoot a missile

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