Staff Newsletter

August 31- September 4

For everyone:


We have scheduled a few dates for staff training on Sycamore, as this was an area that was expressed by staff as one that needed training. This will cover your classroom functions, such as grade book, lesson plans, classroom calendar, etc. Due to the merge, Cathy has informed me that the set up of the grade books is different than in the past, regardless of which campus you previously taught at. It is strongly encouraged that you attend the training, as Cathy will not be able to one-on-one train with those who miss, as she has other technology that I need her to attend to, such as ConnectED and state reports that are immediately pending. If you do not attend, you are responsible for ensuring that you receive the information and understand how to set-up and enter in information.

My expectations in Sycamore are as follows:

  • Each week, by Sunday at 6:00pm (beginning this Sunday, September 6th), each teacher is responsible for having entered the previous week's grades, lesson plans for the upcoming week, and the calendar updated with quiz/test/project deadlines.

Due to the nature of how classes are structured in Sycamore, we have set the following dates:

  • Mon, August 31st - Grades 5-8, East Campus Rm 6, 3:00pm
  • Tue, September 1st - Grade 1, Central Campus Lab, 3:30pm
  • Thurs, September 3rd - Grades 2-4, East Campus Rm 6 (Middle School Wing), 3:30pm
  • Tue, September 8th - Grades PS - K, Central Campus Lab, 3:30pm


Special Prayers go out to the following staff members:

  • Kelly Schaefer, and her husband Shawn, on the adoption of their daughter, Emmy, and son, Sam.
  • Bridget Schneider, and her husband Barry, on the passing of Robert Schneider, Barry's brother. The visitation is today from 3-7pm at Becher-Kluesner Downtown, or 9-10am Tuesday at Holy Family Church.

Staff Meeting

Wednesday, Sep. 2nd, 3:30-4:30pm

East Campus - Cafeteria

Classroom Newsletters and Emails

Just a reminder that BOTH Mr. Lemen and Mrs. Sternberg need to be copied on the weekly classroom emails that you are sending out. Please just add us to your distribution list and that will make it easy!

Also, if you are in correspondence with a parent regarding a particular situation, especially one that may end up in our office at a later date, please cc or bcc us on those emails as well. It just gives us a heads up.

Fire Drills

Great job to both West and East Campuses last week with your fire drills! I am sure Central Campus is going to do a great job this afternoon too!

East Campus - Funeral

Tomorrow we have a funeral so that means recess will have to be indoors, or if weather permits, in the courtyard or out by the flag pole. We have visitation here in the Narthex at 9:00 with mass at 10:00 and then a bereavement meal in the Fellowship Hall following the grave site service. Please do not park between the handicap ramp and the church entrance by the trees and ball diamond. You can park anyplace on the basketball court or the east side of school. Tim will have signs up and the church truck and my truck parked in that area for a reminder. Thanks!