The Weekly Howl

Week of December 4th, 2017

The Simple Things

As we enter the holiday season we need to remember two things. First, this isn't a happy time for all of our kiddos. For some the holidays are a reminder of the things they won't get or the family they won't see. Please keep this in mind as we head towards Christmas break. Second, as the days start to whiz by take a minute to stop and enjoy the simple things. Tonight was one of the best nights I've had in a long time with my boys. We simply sat outside in the dark waiting to catch a glimpse of the International Space Station. I got to just slow down and talk, and teach the boys about something they didn't know (which, because of the great teachers they have isn't much). The excitement they had over just seeing what looked like a star move across the sky was pure joy! I wish life was always this easy.Unfortunately, it's not and this time of the year starts to stress even the most veteran of us out. Please lean on each other and ask for help! I am as guilty as the next person, but the reason WE are such a good team is because you all are so willing to help one another and I'm grateful for that!

Something to Think About

I'd like for you to watch this video and reflect. Where are you? More on this later.


I'll be cooking pancakes in the lounge for anyone wanting to come eat. The best pancakes you'll ever have (yes I'm conceited) will begin being served at 7:15. Please, come eat and fellowship a little before the start of school.
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Upcoming Morning Meetings

Yes, two this week Mrs. :)

Tuesday, December 5th @ 7:45:
Staff Meeting to Discuss RTI Process in the Art Room

Friday, December 8th @ 7:45: Meet with one person from each grade level to start organizing RTI process (please come with ideas for your grade level)

Important Dates

12/1-1/26: NWEA Winter Testing Window

12/14: Kdg Christmas Program

12/22-1/5: Christmas Break No School

1/26: 5th grade to Shrine Circus

2/26-3/9: ISTEP Part 1 Window

3/12-3/16: IREAD Window 3rd Grade

3/19-5/18: NWEA Spring Testing Window

4/16-5/4: ISTEP Part 2 Window

6/3: Graduation @2:00