Abilene, Kansas

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Oil Found! (Current Event)

During the search for gas, oil was discovered. In 1892, a gas well located by Neodesha struck oil. The individual who found the oil decided to take a sample of the oil to Pittsburgh in order to see if the oil-investors in Kansas would be attracted to the opportunity.

This alerted some oil producers (James Guffey and John Galey) and they decided to head to Kansas with him. The oil producers were satisfied with the results and decided to lease land that was available in the Neodesha area. In the year of 1893, Kansas claimed to have produced 18,000 barrels of oil. Two years later in 1895, Guffey and Galey sold their land in Kansas to an oil company known as Forest Oil. The Forest Oil Company remained dedicated to drilling for oil, and in the year of 1896 Standard Oil of Kansas was established. They stuck to refining oil which was a business Kansas was lacking in. The refining process began in 1898 and oil production increased tremendously (113,500 Barrels).

Chisholm Trail (Current Event)

The Chisholm Trail was used to transport livestock out of Texas until 1884. Mainly Longhorn cattle were the livestock transported along the trail. The movement of the livestock brought into existence a new profession known as trailing contractors. These contractors were responsible for moving livestock along the Chisholm Trail. The trail was used up until 1885 and was closed due to a Kansas Quarantine Law and barbed wire. In the short time the Chisholm Trail was used, more than five million cattle and one million mustangs had been transported.

Assimilation of Native Americans

The cultural assimilation of Native Americans in Kansas was an effort by the U.S. to transform Native American culture to European- American culture between many years. A policy was formed to encourage the "civilizing" process. With increased waves of immigration for Europe, there was grouping support for education. Americanization policies were made on the idea that when indigenous people learned America customs and values, they would be able to merge traditions with American culture and join a large part of society. The government outlawed the practice of traditional religious ceremonies. Children were required to attend schools, forced to speak English, and had to study standard subjects. This affected the Native Americans in such they were forced to leave their tribal traditions behind and were forced out of individuality. The U.S. stripped the only thing that was important to the Native Americans and took it as their own, in a way, and manipulated them into becoming one with America.

Populism Issues

Kansas Populists despised the railroads, and blamed them for all of their actions that threatened the agricultural society. In areas where railroads were used as the best form of transportation, Populists waged a steady and strong movement against the expansion of railroads. Populists thought that the railroad practices were responsible for the poverty seen in rural areas. In Kansas the People's Party deemed that the railroads operated for their own benefit and profits, and small groups of private owners were the beneficiaries of much of the wealth. The Populists wanted the government to take over ownership of the railroad business.

Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

I am proud to say that my hometown, Abilene Kansas, is a very famous spot for being a place where the Chisholm trail meet the railroads. As great as that is it is very depressing when the cattle come through after they made a very a long trip and most of them end up being sick and not able to be used. It would be great if you were to take better care of the, so when they get here they aren't so sad and hurt. Thanks a lot.

A fellow farmer.

Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

Ever since the oil productions have increased here in Abilene, we've seen an increase in the amount of wealth some people have. While a lucky few have profited greatly from the oil boom, it's hard not to remember all the other people who are not becoming wealthy off the oil fields. It would be nice if the wealth could be spread, but I'm happy that our town is becoming more well known due to the recent publicity.


A fellow citizen

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