How To Fill Out A 1040EZ

By Felix

What You Need

To fill out a 1040ez you will need 2 forms. You need a W2 form which you can get from your employer,a 1099int form and a tax table form your bank .

Filing 1040ez

Section 1 - For this Section you would fill out all your personal information

Section 2 - For this section you would fill out all your income information

Line 1 - To fill out line 1 of the 1040ez you need to look at your W2 form, Box 1 (Wages, Salaries, and Tips)

Line 2 - To fill out line 2 of the 1040ez you need to look at your 1099int form, Box 1 (Interest Income)

Line 3 - To fill out line 3 of the 1040ez you can either fill 0 if you have never been unemployed or if you have fill how much unemployment compensation you receive

Line 4 - To fill out line 4 you must add lines 1,2, and 3 to find your adjusted gross income

Line 5 - In order to fill out line 5 there are some steps you need to take. On the backside of the 1040ez. You must first add $350.00 to the amount you filled on Line 1 on Line A. Then for Line C you must enter the larger number from Lines A and B. Then for Line D, if single enter $6,300; if married filing jointly, enter $12,600. Then for Line E, enter the smaller number from Line C and D. Then for your exemption amount, if single enter 0; if married filing jointly and both of you claim as dependent enter 0 or only one can claim dependent, enter $4,000. Once you're done with that add Lines E and F to get your total to add on Line 5.

Section 3 - For filing payments, credits, and tax

Line 6 - To fill out this line subtract line 5 from line 4, If line 5 is larger than line 4, enter 0

Line 7 - To fill out this line you need to look at Box 2 of your W2

Line 8a - To fill out this line you need to find your EIC, then enter

Line 8b - This is for your nontaxable combat pay election

Line 9 - Add lines 7 and 8a

Line 10 - Using a tax table you must find your tax and get your tax either under single or married filing jointly

Line 11 - Health care

Line 12 - Add lines 10 and 11, total tax

Line 13a - If line 9 is larger than line 12, subtract line 12 from line 9. This is your refund

Line 14 - If line 12 is larger than line 9, subtract line 9 form line 12. This is what you owe.