Great Beginnings

January, 2014

The Start of Something BIG!

If someone had told me where I would be today one year ago, I'd have said they were crazy! It's hard for me to believe that one year ago at this time I had not even started my doTERRA business and our team numbered 1 - me! A class which I held primarily for a dear friend needing help from a health condition was the key that started the ball rolling. I hosted - but didn't present - my first doTERRA class in mid-January of 2012, and this single event effectively catapulted me from being an occasional user of their products into my own doTERRA business. Yes, I had experienced incredible healing from vertigo (extreme dizziness and nausea) and chronic back and neck pain with the oils and truly believed in their power and ability to heal, but I lacked self-confidence and belief that this could be a true income-generating business. My eyes were really opened by hosting that class! That was nearly 1 year ago, and times have certainly changed! Our team now numbers 55 and I now believe - and have seen - the great growth and incredible income-generating potential of doTERRA. The purity and potency of doTERRA products, and their compelling results, in addition to the business opportunity doTERRA presents are truly LIFE-CHANGING. Thank you to each one of you! I truly value you and believe in you and am here to help you however I can, whether that is helping you choose products to help you and your family, helping you earn you products for free, or helping you build your own doTERRA business! If you have an amazing healing story to share, call or email me and we'll get in in our next newsletter! As with me, it all starts with one person sharing doTERRA Essential Oils with another!

Robin Cheetham - Elite doTERRA Product Consultant

Great Promotions!

Slim & Sassy - A Great Way To Start!

Make 2014 the year you finally lose those unwanted extra pounds! Slim and Sassy Trim Shakes and Metabolic Blend give you the keys to do so! The shakes are easy to make, taste great, and effectively suppress appetite! They are also 100% natural and deliciously nutritious! DoTERRA has a wonderful, supportive website: IAMSLIMANDSASSY.COM that is packed full of recipes, encouragement and all you need to succeed in your weight loss goal! The doTERRA Slim & Sassy line of products encourages overall health and wellness through the attainment and maintenance of healthy body weight. Take advantage of a wide range of benefits by incorporating the Slim & Sassy Metabolic Blend, Trim Shake and doTERRA's premier line of supplements into your lifestyle for a new you this year! The annual Slim & Sassy Contest starts January 15th! See your Living Magazine or call me for details! Angela Hebner of Stevensville, MT won the 2012 contest!! You CAN do it!!! I believe in you!!!!

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Carla Albert Promotes To Director!

Carla joined doTERRA and our team this past Oct. 7th and promoted to Director in December! (The rank of Director means you and the individuals under you (OV - Organizational Value) have $1,000 or more in total sales. ) A Physical Therapist, Carla has found she especially LOVES the Lifelong Vitality (LLV) trio supplements! She tried them for FREE as a result of October's great LLV Promotion, where all those who enrolled in October and placed a 100pv LRP in November received the LLV for free. Ask Carla just how beneficial the Lifelong Vitality supplements are! Chronic knee problems used to make walking even short distances painful and almost unbearable for her. She had tried various other products to help her knee with minimal results. She started taking the doTERRA's Lifelong Vitality supplements and in November went to Spokane to visit her daughter. They spent the better portion of a day walking around and shopping at a large mall, and Carla felt great at the end of it!!! She says she would NEVER have been able to do this before taking the doTERRA Lifelong Vitality supplements! After seeing Carla's positive results, her husband, Mark, wants to take them too! Carla also was one of our top enrollers this month! Congratulations, Carla!!!