By: Bradley, Derek, and Bri

History of the Protests

A. When did protests begin?

February 15, 2011.

B. What were/are people protesting?

Muammars Qaddafi because he said that the people are rats and cockroaches.

C. How did the the government respond?

Attacking the own people.

D. What has been the result?

Anger and violence.


A. What is happening in your country now?

The unity government, which landed by boat on Wednesday appears to be getting some support from other factions.

B. Who is in charge of the government?

Col. Graddafis.

C. Will there be elections? If so, when?

Yes, there will be elections. There were elections on June 25, 2014.

D. What key challenges does the country face today?

The government has been getting weaker and weaker and struggling with gun control and it's border.

The International Community

A. Have international organizations been involved in events in your country? If so, how?

Yes. The United States has sent airstrikes and provided support for the Libyan rebels.

B. What has been the position of the United States on the events in your country?

The United States has helped Libya try to overthrow the government by providing weapons and airstrikes.

How would you characterize what has happened in your country? Would you call it a revolution?

We would call it a revolution because the rebels have been trying to overthrow the government and Gadaffi since 1969, but the Libyan Civil War started in 2011.