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Beyond the Bump April 2nd, 2016

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Our WINNER has been announced on my Facebook page! Come check it out! Don't forget to like my page to stay up to date on special offers, discounts and giveaways throughout the year! Scroll through this flyer to read more about my own personal story of why I chose to switch to safer and for more resources!

What an amazing time talking safer personal care with all of the new moms and moms-to-be in downtown Buffalo this weekend! I really enjoyed talking about the importance of using safer ingredients especially during pregnancy and with your little ones. It was fun to see people already know that parabens are hormone disruptors, and the word fragrance is an ingredient that companies actually do not have to disclose what ingredients make up the term - the average being 14 toxins!

Keep checking your products and using the "Never List" on the back of my business card as your cheat sheet which is a quick look at some of the 1500 ingredients we ban (versus the 11 the US does!) - the next time you think something is "natural", "safe as water", or "organic"... FLIP that package over and read a little more! You are all doing an amazing job at being conscious of these things already and I am here to help you dive into the issues even more!

Good luck to all of you as you journey into your new adventures with motherhood :) ~Abby

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Watch This - We All Deserve Better

Beautycounter: We All Deserve Better
I love how this clip highlights how we are ALL affected by what we are putting on our bodies. I also love how it gives me goosebumps because I love being apart of this company so much!


Reason 1 - My Family!

My Kiddos are always first. No matter how many articles I read that we have to make time for ourselves or put your marriage first - it never fails! I don't think I'm alone here either. From the moment I checked my own kids ingredients - especially in their lotions, bath wash and sunscreen - I was so upset and ready for change. Even the lotion the nurses gave me in the hospital for my extra dry blizzard baby was full of parabens. 3 different kinds of them.
When my sister in law introduced me to Beautycounter, I felt a relief and thankfulness like none other! I know I am doing the best for my kids in continuing to check the ingredients in their products. But next came my own.

Reason #2 - My Own Health

Graves Disease Diagnosis in 2014

In October of 2014 I finally brought myself to the doctors. After my second baby was born in January I had not only lost her 30 pounds of pregnancy weight, but an additional 35-40 as well. I had all of the symptoms and the fatigue was no longer bearable. I jumped into radioactive iodine treatment and began the waiting process for my thyroid to switch from being super over active to becoming underactive. It wasn't until about 6 months later when I scheduled an appointment with my "healer" from my hometown in Canada that my brain started to make a change.
I also truly believe what furthered my progression, and started to bring life back into me was the switch to simpler and safer ingredients. I am clearly sensitive to everything (and everyone!) that I absorb and I quickly took to learning more about my endocrine system and what could have caused me to spiral so out of control. I think there were a few reasons - including my pregnancy, the unexpected passing of 2 family members in a short time, and my products. After learning about the hormones that are involved with thyroid function, and how my own body was viewing my thyroid gland as an intruder - I needed all parties on my side to improve my health and give me the best chance to change my circumstances. My products were one of the changes I felt I needed to make. I've switched out ingredients that especially interfere with the endocrine system such as phtalates and more. I've noticed my hair regrowth and looking better than ever (My hairdresser even said how healthy my hair was! Never have I heard that before!)
Now not only am I seeing a direct benefit in my health and happiness from using simpler and safer ingredients - I am getting a secondary benefit from the happiness I get from helping others find out about our amazing safe products also - it's a win win!

There are many ways for YOU to get involved too!

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I would be happy to chat and answer all of your questions! We also have a full line of beautiful cosmetics! This is such an exciting time to be apart of our mission. We are over 14,000 consultants strong and only in our 3rd year in business! We just extended our reach to Canada in March and are making waves in congress to have laws changed. Come join us :) I am here to help you every step of the way!
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