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We are sad to share that fellow member Maureen Miles' son passed last week. Please join the board and your fellow club members in sending our sincerest sympathy to Maureen and her family.


October – NO regular meeting scheduled!

November 18th (note this is the third Wednesday of the month). Board meeting at 6:30 pm and regular meeting at 7:30 pm. This will be a zoom conference call and log in and call-in information will be emailed to members in October.

If you have an agenda item for the meeting, please email club president Linda Whitmire at

Mark your calendars for our future meetings!

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It’s a Puppy Party!

Join us all at club member Paula Ayers house for an outside gathering (socially distanced of course) on Saturday November 7 from 1pm to 4pm. It’s just time to sit down and see each other in person again! Bring you cavaliers, young or old. Also, bring a chair, mask, hand sanitizer, water bowl for your pup and crate or xpen for them to relax in. Bring a light snack to share! It’s all about just getting together to reconnect!

Be sure to RSVP to Sharon Utych ( by October 31 with the number of people in your party attending so we can ensure we can establish proper social distancing.


We will be holding our Holiday Luncheon on Sunday, December 13, 2020, from 1 pm to 5 pm at the 5 Paces Inn, 41 Irby Ave NW, Atlanta. The club will be providing the ham, iced tea, water and set up. Please bring a dish to share! Evite invitations will be emailed to club members on file email addresses to RSVP for the party in mid-October. Please be sure to RSVP to the EVITE invitation. There is also a poll where you can indicate what type of dish you are planning to bring to the luncheon.

We will also be celebrating our member’s achievements and membership awards along with the club Member of the Year Award. We will have our ‘white cavalier’ gift exchange also. If you wish to participate, please bring an unmarked, wrapped gift valued between $25 and $30 dollars. We will also be supporting Pickens Animal Rescue Ranch again. Please bring donations of items (they are listed on the Evite invitation) or you can donate money directly to the Ranch via the link on the Evite invitation.

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Winter Specialty Show -2020

Our next Specialty shows will be held at the same location on February 6 & 7, 2021 in conjunction with the Cherokee Rose cluster shows at the Atlanta Expo Center South.

Our judges will be Cesar Cortes (Londoncor UK) and Marilyn Mayfield (Mayfield US). Our Sweeps judge for Puppy and Veterans will be Pat Mixon (Tudorose US).

Marilyn Mayfield will also be judging Junior Showmanship and Beginner Puppy competition on Sunday. Make plans to join us in February 2021!

Our host hotel will once again be the Drury Inn and the booking line for special rates can be found on our website:

On Saturday evening the club will have a social at the host hotel with beverages, roast pork & beef, buns, ice, plates, utensils, etc. We ask members to bring a side to share! Come and just relax after the show and enjoy a bite to eat and socialize with friends we have not seen in a long time due to the pandemic. Be sure to bring your mask!

In lieu of a ringside silent auction, which would not be feasible with COVID 19 guidelines, we will have a Chinese auction where tickets may be purchased to place in bags next to 6 to 7 prewrapped baskets. We will draw the winning tickets on Saturday after the Specialty.

Thank you to the following members for committing to put together and donate the following baskets:

Almeara Cavaliers – White wine basket

Dr. Barbara Magera – Red wine basket

Monticello Cavaliers – A “Fried Green Tomatoes” themed basket

Mark Fitchpatrick – Homemade Dessert basket

Finnickyskye Cavaliers – Beer and “man snacks” basket

Brookhaven Cavaliers – TBA

Also, Hannah Dingman has donated a handmade spaniel water bowl and matching food bowl set

If you would like to donate a basket – please let Linda Whitmire know!

We also need help during the Specialty! Selling raffle tickets, catalogs, keeping watch over the basket table, helping at the Saturday evening social to set up and clean up!


We all need those little reminders from time to time. If you have a favorite reminder you would like to share please send it to Mark Fitchpatrick at

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Yogurt. High in calcium and protein. But make sure to only choose yogurts that do not contain artificial sweeteners or added sugars. Yogurt with active bacteria can act as a probiotic and are good for your dog's digestive system. I give my dogs yogurt quite often and they love it. I use plain, unflavored, organic, full fat Greek yogurt.
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Blueberry Frozen Yogurt Dog Treats


  • Low-fat plain yogurt
  • Blueberries


  1. Use an ice cube tray (or several, depending on how many treats you want to make). You can get ice cube trays at the Dollar Store or any grocery store.
  2. Put two blueberries in each cube compartment.
  3. Spoon some yogurt into each compartment over the blueberries.
  4. Put two more blueberries on top of the yogurt. You can either leave those blueberries uncovered or you can add another layer of yogurt.
  5. Freeze 2-3 hours then let your dogs enjoy!




May 12, 2020

Suggested Best Practices for the Well-Being of Dog Sport Participants The AKC supports each club’s informed decision to reschedule, postpone, or cancel their respective events, as well as supporting clubs ready to hold events in locations that are open and permit gatherings. As events resume across the country, people need to feel safe while enjoying their dog activities. The AKC urges clubs to take appropriate precautions for the benefit of their participants. Events need to be held in a manner that emphasizes the safety of participants and event officials over efficiency. The following is a list of suggested best practices that may be helpful when planning or attending an event. Event locations, facilities, and dates will differ. With a situation that is continually evolving, it is up to the clubs to determine the guidelines that best fit their event. In order to inform participants, specific guidelines established by the club/cluster should be published in the premium, show catalog, club website, and posted on signage/flyers at their event. General Practices 1. Clubs, officials, and participants are required to follow state, local, and facility guidelines that apply to the area and site where the event is held. 2. Practice social distancing consistent with guidelines in effect at the time of the event. Avoid congregating to the extent possible. 3. Consider wearing masks when in close proximity to others. Clubs should provide masks if desired for officials, judges, and volunteers. 4. Consider wearing disposable or washable gloves. 5. Wash hands as frequently as possible. Have disinfecting spray at bathroom facilities for people to spray door handles (or anything else they touch). Consider hiring bathroom attendants to maintain maximum cleanliness. 6. If you utilize portable toilets, please ask for a handwashing station(s) to be delivered as well. 7. Avoid shaking hands, hugging, or other physical contacts. 8. Avoid touching dogs that are not your responsibility. 9. Avoid common use of pens/pencils – bring your own. 10. Disinfect surfaces in common use areas as often as possible (tables, chairs, doorknobs, etc.) Clubs and facilities may consider not providing chairs. Conformation May 12, 2020 11. Meals - Avoid or stagger group lunches/dinners if possible. Hospitality areas should avoid community items such as salt and pepper shakers, condiments, creamers, etc. Participants should consider bringing their own lunch/drinks. 12. Vendors should follow retail guidelines for the area. 13. Parking – Park with sufficient distance between vehicles if possible. If there is a parking fee, ask exhibitors to bring exact change. 14. Indoor show sites should work with facilities to have as many entrance/exits points open as possible. Hand sanitizer should be available at every entrance to the site and at multiple locations within the site. 15. Parking/unloading staff should wear masks and sanitize their hands following the assistance of each individual. Event Practices 1. Opening Date – In order to provide clubs flexibility during times of uncertainty, clubs may specify a date in the premium when entries will start to be accepted. The “opening date” should be selected to allow time for mailed entries. 2. Site Set-up - The size and layout of a site will determine the opportunities available to clubs. • Separate the rings if possible, otherwise set-up buffers within rings along adjoining sides to provide separation. • If individual rings are not possible, avoid placing gates, stewards, and judges’ tables next to those in neighboring rings. • Consider two gates per ring, one for dogs entering and one for dogs exiting. • Stewards should be responsible for finding the dog in the catalog if the exhibitor does not know the armband number and for handing out armbands. Stewards should not hand their catalog to exhibitors for review. Stewards should sanitize their hands frequently and consider wearing a face mask and gloves. • For outdoor shows consider marking off areas near the rings for exhibitors to set-up personal pop-up tents. This can also be done for areas near the buildings holding indoor events. • Create a ready ring area outside the show ring for exhibitors showing the breed being judged. • Clubs should consider not providing chairs. Private chairs should not be placed in higher traffic areas. 3. Scheduling – With the efforts to make shows safer, the event may take longer. Modified scheduling may assist with congestion and provide a better experience for exhibitors. If using a superintendent, work with them to create a schedule that assists with the situation. • Consider published judging segments shorter than one hour. • If possible, schedule groups to start following the completion of the respective breeds. This allows exhibitors the option to leave for the day. • As per AKC rules, Groups and Best in Show are optional for the group and all-breed shows • Some shows may consider implementing entry limits. 4. Exhibitors • Prepare to be self-sufficient: bring sanitizer, bring a generator for electricity, bring personal use masks. • Know the armband numbers for your entries before going to the ring. • Do not congregate at the ring or ring gate. • While showing your dog, maintain social distances with other exhibitors. 5. Grooming • Recommend grooming beside the exhibitor’s vehicle including the use of pop-up tents should weather conditions warrant. • Design the layout of grooming areas and spaces to comply with the social distancing guidelines in place at the time. Marking off individual grooming spaces is encouraged. • Prohibit the use of forced air dryers in indoor grooming areas. 6. Judging is where the ability to socially distance becomes challenging. Taking care to protect the parties will require a concerted effort between the judge, steward, and exhibitors. • Judges should consider wearing face masks if otherwise not required. • All classes should be called in the catalog order to provide order and efficiency. • Judges must practice ring awareness, be conscious of spacing, and take appropriate measures to avoid crowding of exhibitors. • Judges are to have the exhibitor display the oral exam and may personally examine the mouth ONLY if absolutely necessary. By the nature of the procedure, judges must conduct thumb exams. • Judges should sanitize hands after examining each entry. Re-examining of dogs should be minimized. • Judges are encouraged to personally pull ribbons for placements. Coupled with frequent hand sanitizing, this will help mitigate contact exposure. • Equipment used to measure and/or weigh dogs must be sanitized before and after each use. • Clubs should consider providing boxed lunches for judges and volunteers. 7. Photographers should consider using a process where a photo of the judge is added to the photo of the dog. • Consider taking photos of each judge in the morning as though they were standing for an award photo. • Take win photos without judges. • Digitally insert the judge with the wins to finalize the photo. • Consider not using trophy presenters. Temporary Changes to Help Clubs 1. Event Application Late Fees – Event application late fees are waived through the end of October. This provides clubs more flexibility in planning or rescheduling their events. 2. For events canceled in 2020, AKC will apply Event Application fees to the club’s next event of the same type. 3. Assignment Conflicts for Conformation Judges – The 30 days/200-mile conflict distance policy for assignments has been suspended for shows held in 2020. 4. The same day exhibiting restriction for judges assigned only NOHS Groups and/or NOHS BIS has been waived for shows held in 2020. This will provide clubs greater flexibility and more options in the panel assignments. 5. Juniors that have turned 18 on or after March 1 may compete until Oct 31. Participants are expected to follow state, local government, facility, and event guidelines. Clubs should be prepared to enforce the guidelines that apply to their event. The conformation field reps will assist as always in an advisory capacity. These Suggested Best Practices may be periodically updated. Please check the AKC conformation website ( for the most up-to-date version. CDC - How to Protect Yourself and Others: For questions or additional suggestions, please contact the Club Development Department at Stay Safe – Enjoy Your Dogs


Achievement Program

Do you have a new titleholder? A new AKC CGC or THD title? Has your cavalier been registered as a Therapy Dog? New performance titleholder? Achiever Dogs? If so, send in your paperwork to have your cavalier recognized at our December Holiday Party! INFORMATION IS DUE TO SHARON UTYCH BY OCTOBER 1, 2020 for the period of October 1, 2019 to September 30, 2020. All the information can be found on our club website at



Jim & Sharon Utych are bragging on RBISOH & MBISS GCHS CH Brookhaven The Dream Lives On CGC “Edgar” who was awarded at Select Dog for a 5 point major on Sunday, September 13 at the Chattanooga KC shows.

Jim & Sharon Utych are bragging on Edgar’s son, GCH CH Legendcrest Finnickyskye Dream Catcher who was awarded Best of Opposite for a 5-point major on Saturday, September 12 at the Chattanooga KC shows. Catch also was awarded BOBOH all 4 days of the cluster plus at the Atlanta Toy Show on Saturday, along with two Group 4 OH Toy group placements.


Do you know a club member who needs some sunshine? Please contact Maureen Miles and she will send a card on behalf of the membership to brighten that person's day! Maureen can be contacted at 404 791-8422 or


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