Censorship in China

Come protest with us

Their president Xi Jinping has increased the amount of Censorship since his election.

One person (Xi Jinping) has ultimate authority over information controls and domestic security.

Gmail, Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter etc are all blocked because they are ways of sharing information.


The Chinese government censors lots of information from their citizens so they “don’t get any Ideas to rebel against the government.” Also a lot of what people search is HEAVILY monitored by the government. People are even sent to jail for standing up for their privacy

Come out and protest with us

A lot of times the Censorship that china does on the internet causes people to protest and rebel, it backfires. Come out to our protest at the Capitol building in Beijing at 1:00 to 3:00 pm where we will peacefully protest for our rights on the internet.

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Don't let this continue if we all stand up and use our freedom of speech we can get our rights back!
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