Inside the Life of Courtney

Created by Courtney Snider

Home Life

At home, I am the the only girl. I have 4 brothers,but only 3 live at home. My parents have been together since high school. My parents became foster parents when I was about 8. We adopted 3 boys. Two of the three boys were brothers and the third was their cousin. We adopted the youngest, Isaiah, at birth. I have 3 dogs, 1 cat, and 3 chickens. My dog that I take care of is named Macey. I have had her for about 1 year and we bonded almost immediately after we got her. My family takes a trip every year to Florida and my dad and grandpa go fishing.

School Life

I love to lots of things at school. These are just a few.

1. I have done the B.O.B competition for 2 years.

2. My favorite teacher is Mr. Burpo. He is the 7th grade history teacher.

3. I have been swimming for about 5 years and I love it.

4. My swim coach from middle school really helped me improve my distance swimming and now I am one of the best.

Bulling advice

If you are being bullied you should tell someone. I have never been bullied personally, but I have seen other kids get bullied. It doesn't matter if it is verbally or physically; you need to tell a trusted person. That person could be a favorite teacher, parent, friend, or even your friend's parents.
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Favorite things

My favorite song is It's Not Over Yet by For King &Country. My favorite books series is The Selection Series. I like this series because even in the face of danger, love was more important. My favorite movie is the Beastly. This movie shows that sometimes even the ugliest people can have a heart.

Favorite Song by For King & Country

for KING & COUNTRY - Shoulders (Official Music Video)

what would I do with $10,000

If I won $10,000 I would go on a cruise. It would be a Carnival cruise. I would donate 5,000 to a animal shelter for them to use on the animals. I would use the rest of the money on new books.

Favorite restuarant

My favorite restaurant is McAlister's. they have really good food. My favorite thing there is the tea. They are known for their tea. And let me tell you, it is good.
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Ways to pay it forward

There are many ways to pay it forward and these are a few ideas

1. Pay for someone's meal

2. Help someone cross the street

3. But someones groceries

4.Give someone some money to buy something for themselves

5.Babysit for free so the parents can go out by themselves

If I could change one thing in the world it would be....

If I could change one thing in the world it would be the way people treat each other. Many people are rude to others based on what they believe or how they look. It is very irritating. I say this because girls are really bad about this. They do whatever they can to put other girls down. Especially when they feel threatened by another female.

Something of my choice

If I had to pick something to tell people about it would be about how swimming has affected my life. Here are a few ways it has:

1. The pool is my home away from home

2. I have lost hours of sleep because of homework and swimming

3. I have found a family that accepts me for who I am

4. I have increased my speed and endurance

5.I constantly smell like Chlorine

My favorite Video about swimming

The Swimmer's Mentality