InTech 4.0

4 Points to Keep You Up to Date on All Things Digital

1. Technology Applications TEKS

There are Technology Applications TEKS for grades K-8 (high school teachers should reference the 8th grade standards) that all teachers integrate into their content areas. These TEKS should provide direction as you design work that integrates technology. The TEKS are organized in six strands:

Creativity and Innovation

Communication and Collaboration

Research and Information Fluency

Critical Thinking

Problem Solving and Decision Making

Digital Citizenship

Technology Operations and Concepts.

Technology Applications TEKS for each grade level are located at the link below.

2. Installing Apps

Any FREE apps should be downloaded from the App Store. Turn on automatic downloads so the app will install on all student devices in your set by going to SETTINGS-->ITUNES & APP STORES then next to APPS, choose ON.

Any apps PAID for by the district (Pages, Keynote, and iMovie) must be installed through the GCISD App Catalog. Automatic downloads should be turned OFF while you're installing paid apps. You may also put in a help desk request for your campus tech to do this for you.

3. Blacklisted Apps

If the Safari app, Camera app, and App Store suddenly disappear from your iPad you may have inadvertently installed a blacklisted app. Technology Services maintains a list of these apps on their web site -

4. Student Email

Every student has a email address. These email addresses are being changed to match their network login (first three letters of last name + last four numbers of student id). Liaisons will receive an email from Technology Services with a new list of updated student accounts next week.

In addition to each student's personal email address, there is also a generic student email address set up on all iPads so the Mail app can be used send work from the iPad to another email address. This generic email address includes the campus initials, iPad set letter name, and number of the iPad. For example: bes.y.37 @ If this hasn't been set up on the student set of iPads you are using or plan to use, you can put in a help desk request for it to be set up remotely.

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