October 1-5


Good morning!

So many great successes last week! Thank you to the thirteen teachers who sent home the positive notes last week. Sixty-five students will receive something positive about them in the mail, what a difference this will make. I realize many of you make these positive contacts already, but I loved seeing the enthusiasm and extra effort put forth. Let's keep it going . Marie was the winner of the contest.

I enjoyed hearing the conversations on Wednesday with the Focus Groups. Great things are happening because of your dedication.

Staff and students did a great job with the Fire Drill and helping to get Final Forms completed. We now have 77% of our students compliant. Almost there.

Here's to another great week!

Aim High and Dream Big!!

What's Going This Week

This week is Language Arts Supervision.

Monday- XC meet @Goshen ; Tina Miller's Birthday

Tuesday- Volleyball@ New Richmond

Wednesday- EH- Content Areas; Volleyball@ Hamersville


Friday- Ballin' afterschool fundraiser

Professional Development of the Week- Interpersonal Skills

Your relationship skills with students are vital to the success of a middle school student. All of you are teaching children who need and crave your guidance. Here is a small list of skills to focus on when working with your students.

* Be willing to admit when your wrong

* Be able to laugh( have a good sense of humor) and cry ( display empathy and sensitivity)

* Take time to help others

* Remember how it felt to be a child

* Be able to resolve conflicts between people

* Enjoy working with people of all ages

* Truly care about others

* Realize you can't please everyone

* Be optimistic about peoples' motives

I do firmly believe I work with the BEST staff and I thank you for the human relation skills you already possess and practice daily!!

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