Film/Video editor

By: Megan Winkle

What are the basic skills required on the job?

Insert computer-generated effects to a video or film. Edit a movie down to a reasonable length to avoid boring the audience.

What types of activities are done on the job?

Film and video editors use editing equipment to remove unwanted parts of a film or video be gone. The type of project determines how much work editors will have.

What are the working conditions and physical demands?

often do shift work, but may have to work long and irregular hours during evenings, weekends and public holidays to meet deadlines
  • usually work in editing suites, television and film studios, film archives and libraries, private production companies, and in-house video units in companies or government departments
  • may travel within New Zealand or overseas with a film crew while working on location shoots and/or sporting and news events
  • What are the work hours and travel?

    Long irregular hours and they travel alot to where they need to edit a ovie or the event of the place being done.

    What are the educational requirements of the job?

    Knowing how to use different softwares and computers to edit videos or films.

    What is the national average annual wage for this job?

    The median annual wage of camera operators was $40,390 in May 2010. The median annual wage of film and video editors was $50,930 in May 2010.