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March 19, 2019

Welcome Back! Hopefully your break was restful! Here are some tips on how to recharge!

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Quizalize Make Up Training

We had Aaron Pankratz from Quizalize share with us the ins and outs of using the program at Hildebrandt just before Spring Break. If you were unable to attend, please let me know, and we can get together in small groups or one-on-one to explore the program.

Mastery Dashboard in Quizalize

Check out this LINK to the TEKS Quizalize landing page where you can access pre-made quizzes tagged to Texas state standards. They’re free to use and designed to your help your students master the TEKS.

Quizalize is also highlighting their Mastery Dashboards which allows you to track student performance data across the TEKS. If you assign your quizzes from the above Texas TEKS page or from the Mastery Dashboard itself, then student data will populate the dashboard!

Watch this short tutorial to learn more!

Texas Mastery Dashboards

Using Quizalize to Help Students Prepare for the STAAR

With STAAR Tests quickly approaching, Quizalize created some tutorials that are particularly useful in helping teachers prepare students for these exams.

Reviewing for a state test doesn't have to be a tedious venture, so they converted past STAAR exams into Quizalize quizzes for teachers to use in the classroom. In fact, please check out this case study from fellow Texas teachers on how Quizalize helped improve test scores for their students. 8-10% Improvement in Scores due to Quizalize

Please view the tutorials on how to achieve similar results.

Useful Links

Gaggle of Google Resources!!!

Templates! Templates! Templates!

SketchNoting: Click Image Below!

Helpful Tips About Sketchnoting!


Check out these Nearpod settings that you will likely want to adjust in your account.

Nearpod Collaborate Settings for Student Paced Lessons

Check out this VIDEO for tips on how to adjust the settings in Nearpod so that your students can save students notes, comment on Collaborate boards in student-paced lessons, see quiz results in student-paced lessons, and resubmit answers. Let me know if you have any questions.

Enabling Student Notes During Nearpod Lessons

In order for the student notes feature to work the teacher must enable it. Here are the detailed instructions on how to enable the student notes:

Schoology Nearpod Lesson Links for Each Class

In order to see data reports for each of your classes, you will want to create different Nearpod Lesson links in your Schoology courses. Once the links are created, you can edit the names for each class period. See the example in the picture below.

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Did You Know? Dyknow - Click on the images for Video Tutorials!

Schoology Guide Center

A new Schoology Support link is now available in the bottom right corner of each window. This link will lead users (students and employees to a Help Center to search for help articles and What's New section displaying feature announcements. Check it out!


Some campuses have had issues with the guide center enabling students to get out of the lockdown browser while testing. Schoology and Klein are aware and working on a fix. Just be mindful when testing. Proximity, Proximity, & Dyknow!

writing a service desk ticket to request white listing for youtube videos

Keep in mind that when you are using YouTube videos during your instruction that you want students to view, you must request the specific video to be white listed in advance. This includes videos that you add to Nearpod Student-Paced Lessons. Follow these steps for assistance with the process.

  • Sign in to http://servicedesk.kleinisd.net/
  • Click the Request Help button.
  • Enter requestor information.
  • Under Incident Type, select 2-Software/Web Application.
  • Under Software Application, select Website Review.
  • Under Course/Application Name, enter YouTube.
  • In the Klein ISD Barcode and Computer Serial # or Computer Name field, enter N/A.
  • Under Brief Summary, enter something to this extent:
  • Please white list The Sid Shuffle - Ice Age: Continental Drift. This YouTube video correlates with Sci 6.10D. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uMuJxd2Gpxo&t=11s
  • Click Submit at the top of the window.
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  • Look for weekly Hildebrandt Hub which will provide information about technology tips and upcoming trainings.

  • KleinLearns365 - easy access to helpful guides, videos, tutorials, textbooks, digital resources, web tools, applications, and more.

Shantel Lott

Please feel free to contact me by email or phone throughout the school day. As always I'm here to help!