Ronald Reagan, from Actor to Pres.

by Tanner Pincince

Biography pt. I

Reagan was Born in Tampico, Illinois, on February 6, 1911. His parents were both Irish catholic and he had one older brother Neil. Reagan died June 5, 2004, at the age of 93.

Biography pt. II Early career

Before becoming the President of the free world, Reagan had a number of professions. One being a radio and film star. he auditioned for many small radio parts and eventually the University of Iowa hired him to broadcast some of their football games. Eventually he moved up the ranks to become the announcer for the Chicago Cubs baseball team. While on the road with the Cubs he signed a seven-year-contract with Warner Bros. to do film, where he made many small movies that received great reviews. After film he went into the military. Although, due to nearsightedness, he was not aloud to serve overseas. Later on he dabbled in television but eventually fell into the role of Governor of California. He served from 1967-1975.

Biography pt. III Career as President

To date, Reagan is the oldest man elected to the office of the presidency at 69. In his first inaugural address on January 20, 1981, he said: "In this present crisis, government is not the solution to our problems; government is the problem". On March 30, 1981, Reagan was struck by gunfire from would-be assassin John Hinckley Jr. During his presidency there was an escalation of the cold war. During his second term there was the Libya Bombings. Also the end of the Cold War. Reagon was all-in-all considered a successful president.

3 major achievements

1)Revitalizing the GOP and the conservative movement.

2)Peace through Strength: The military was diminished during the Carter years, but Reagan reversed that by rebuilding the armed forces.

3)Star Wars: Reagan’s Strategic Defense Initiative.

3 major blunders

1)Reagan helped kick out mentally ill people onto the streets.

2)Ignores AIDS for nearly a decade.

3)Embraced the apartheid in South Africa.


While still president and after he left his presidency, Reagan is considered one of the best presidents of the 20th century.
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Cabinet members

Secretary of Agriculture

John R. Block 1981-1986

Richard E. Lyng 1986-1989

Secretary of Commerce

Malcolm Baldridge 1981-1987

C. William Verity, Jr. 1987-1989

Secretary of Defense

Caspar W. Weinberger 1981-1987

Frank Carlucci 1987-1989

Secretary of Education

Terrel Bell 1981-1984

William J. Bennett 1985-1988

Lauro F. Cavazos 1988-1989

Secretary of Energy

James B. Edwards 1981-1982

Donald P. Hodel 1982-1985

John S. Herrington 1985-1989

Secretary of Health and Human Services

Richard S. Schweiker 1981-1983

Margaret M. Heckler 1983-1985

Otis R. Bowen 1985-1989

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development

Samuel R. Pierce 1981-1989

Secretary of Interior

James G. Watt 1981-1983

William P. Clark 1983-1985

Donald P. Hodel 1985-1989

Attorney General

William French Smith 1981-1985

Edwin Meese 1985-1988

Richard Thornburgh 1988-1989

Secretary of Labor

Raymond J. Donovan 1981-1985

William E. Brock 1985-1987

Ann McLaughlin 1987-1989

Secretary of State

Alexander M. Haig, Jr. 1981-1982

George P. Shultz 1982-1989

Secretary of Transportation

Andrew L. Lewis 1981-1983

Elizabeth H. Dole 1983-1987

James Burnley IV 1987-1989

Secretary of Treasury

Donald T. Regan 1981-1985

James A. Baker 1985-1988

Nicholas F. Brady 1988-1989

Ability to lead today.

Yes i think Reagan is electable in today's society. He is a well spoken, easy to relate with man. He is strong willed and has the ability to get work done.