Different sports

Tineke Veenstra


Football is a beautiful sport. Because it is gezellig with you team. You must hard and many training to be cam good. You must mostly on Saturday a matches playing. I playing istzelf football. I find it awesome ans it gives a kick.


Volleyball is a nice sport. Volleybal play you in a sports hall. You have knee pads on your knees, therwith can you about the ground slite to the ball save.
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ice skating

Ice skating is a nice sport. You have different species on ich sketing. For exemple: 50 meters round, 100 meters round, short tracks. You have a special suit from ich skating, and you have ice skating on your foot. A couple famous skaters his: Irene Wüst, Sven Kraamker, Michel Mulder, Arjan Stroetinga. I ich skating itself on the winter, when ther ice lies.
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