Mr. Sabatell's Study

An Introduction to Technology and Ethics

Unrelenting Learning

Read, experience, see, and live with an open mind; you will never know what you will be able to come across in your lifetime. During time in my cohort please just refer to me as some variation of my last name, Sabs, Sabatell, Sabby etc will be fine. I expect that students simply follow basic classroom procedure and pay attention to the world on a global scale. The work that is done in this class is going to be completely different from any other class at Prep. Learning in this classroom does not end once you leave the room. The class is for working the real learning is done outside the walls of Prep.

My YouTube Channel

Within my personal channel is work that I have done for both school and my own projects. I will be uploading videos for my cohort to use as reference points and additional resources will be emailed out to the students.

How to Reach me

I will be updating this as the year progresses so keep a look out for any additional resources added to contact me.