5th Grade News

For the Week of April 11-15

Learning Objectives

Reading and Writing

  • Make a research plan for state report project
  • Use guided questions to research and record information about a US state


  • Differentiate between learned behavior and inherited traits of plants and animals


  • Multiply and divide fractions to solve problems using models and pictorial representation

Social Studies

  • Describe how the industrial revolution changed life in the United States (assembly line and early industrialization)


Math - Homework #2 is on Canvas (due Friday 4/15)

***You must turn in a piece of paper showing how you got your math homework answers. If you don't turn this in, points will be deducted from your homework grade.

Reading - ELAR Homework#2 is on Canvas (due Friday 4/15)

Science - Adaptive Characteristics - On Canvas (Due Friday, 4/15)

Information and News

Announcement: Bring earbuds to school from now on! Everyone is supposed to have them. Keep them in your backpack or pencil bag.

Upcoming Events:

April 14 - Worldfest - 5:30pm-7:00pm

April 15 - Early Dismissal

April 15 - Wolfpack Chorale sings National Anthem at Astros game

Volunteer Appreciation Celebration - April 19, 1:30-3:00pm, TWE Library

April 22 - Field Day

Field Day (April 22):

Wear your field day shirt and shorts. If you don't have a field day shirt, try to wear a light/neon green shirt.

Bring a water bottle labeled with your name.

Wear tennis shoes.

You might also want to bring a towel.

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