Lotus Eaters and Cyclops

Lotus Eaters

SMASH! Odysseus/Ulysses crashed his ship, with his crew, around the area of Tunisia. For all who do not know all that much about Tunisia, it is also the home of the lotus eaters! Strange huh? As the story goes, the natives gave each of the men a sample of the fruit from a lotus. This would be deemed an act of kindness, but the effect of the lotus was terrible. The taste of the lotus would make his men lose thoughts of their home and the journey itself. Eventually, Ulysses resorts to dragging his men back to the ship to leave. Their recovery is unknown, but one thing is clear: Don't eat lotus!!


Right after their meet-and-greet with the lotus eaters, Odysseus and his men sailed in the murky night, where they reached the land of the Cyclopes. The inhabitants are large barbarians with one eye. In search of food, His men feasted on wild goats from the island. Then, they stumbled upon a cave full of milk and cheese. They attempt to snatch the food, but the cyclops came back and was not very pleased. The irony is that the cyclops is Poseidon's son! What a coincidence!! He was very nice and greeting, but after gaining their trust, he turned on them by eating two of his men and saving the rest for later. Odysseus was about to stab Polyphemus, but one obstacle loomed in their heads. Their way out was a huge rock blocking the way and no one was strong enough to push it out of the way. Unfortunately, the cyclops does end up dying in the hands of Odysseus with a staff. r.i.p Cyclops dude!

Guaranteed to be a GOOD READ!!!!

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