Jim Stark

Rebel WITH a Cause


One piece of evidence that Jim is caring is that he offers his jacket to Plato because Plato is cold. Another piece of evidence is that he asked Judy a ride to school on his first day at Dawson High School.

Willingly open

Jim is really good at expressing how he feels, especially towards the cop in the beginning of the movie. Granted he isn't the biggest fan of his parents, he still tells them how he feels about them treating him like they do.


Seems like Jim was holding in his anger for a long time against his parents. Once he tried to tell the cops about the death of Buzz, his parents told him that he was going to move once again. At the time that Jim heard that, he let go his anger about him having to move once a problem involving him occurs. He also doesn't like that his dad is a chicken. His dad can't make decisions on his own and goes along with whatever mom says.

Did Jim learn or change from experiences throughout the movie?

Jim did change from beginning to end because he learned things along the way. He learned to be strong because he didn't want to be a chicken like his dad. I think Jim wanted to help Plato was because Plato is somewhat like him. Jim longed to help Plato from the moment they met. Jim became a stronger person and less of a chicken, which is exactly what he wanted.

Cause of the rebellion

Jim finally gets sick of thinking he has to hide who he really is because his parents don't want many people knowing his identity. Once he makes some friends, he stands his ground against his parents for them wanting to move again. Jim's parents think that the answer to every problem is to move. While they think that moving is the solution to every physical problem, it is worsening the emotional problems, especially in Jim, which is why he probably gets involved in the wrong crowd.

The Mansion

i think the mansion expresses further that Judy, Jim, and Plato are all abandoned just like the mansion. When they all go to the mansion, it shows that they all do have someone who is there for them and their lives aren't as empty as the believe.

Conformity vs Individuality

People will be fake just so they please the group they are trying to fit in. As long as they have friends they are "happy." All some people want is to be accepted into a group of others. If they have to, they will change their personality to fit more of the others. An example would be Judy acting tough when she is with Buzz, but is sweet when she is with Jim.

Do you think teens go through these or similar situations, particularly with their parents and friends?

I do think that people go through these situations in real life. Kids nowadays I think are becoming more individual which is maybe why the problems that happen, happen. Kids want to be their own person and don't want to listen to their parents. I think it happens less with friends. I also think that it happens in friendships because of hypocrisy. One friend claims that they will never do something to the other and once they turn around, what they claim they would never do, happens.