MMS iPad Collection

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Important Dates

  • May 4 Students start being notified of procedures in 7th History 8th P.Pathways
  • May 11 Stop issuing iPads to new students
  • May 20 DAEP, Whitley & Homebound iPad collection
  • May 21 Last day students will have iPads available for class use
  • May 22 Student iPad Collection – Alpha order, 8th AM, 7th PM
  • May 28 STAFF – iPad Collection for all staff leaving MISD & long term subs

Student Collection Information

  • All announcements are posted on MLink>Roll-Out/Roll-in/Middle School
  • Panther Pathway (8th) and History (7th) will be showing students these announcements starting on May 4th
  • Please take some time to review this this information.
  • Below is a link to MLink section for MMS roll-in

Collection Day

  • iPads will not be collected through a class like last year.
  • Because of this, we need the help of ALL MMS staff.
  • Students will be called out of class by alphabetical order (like picture day).
  • Announcements will be made on phone and by email.
  • 8th Grade will be from about 8:00am - 11:00 am
  • 7th Grade will be from about 12:00pm - 3:25pm
  • The day before collection students will “prepare” their iPads for collection in their 7th Grade History or 8th Grade Panther Pathway class.
  • Be prepared to send students out of class when they are called.
  • They cannot bring OTHER stuff with them. Leave it in locker or in class.
  • Be alerted to send students with iPads whose names have already been called.
  • There will be email updates on May 22 with list of names of who we are waiting to see.

iPad Fines

  • iPad Fines will be tied to finals exemptions and for the iPad to be re-issued next year
  • There are 2 different fine lists to be familiar with...
  • There is a fine list out now that needs to be taken care of by May 21st.
  • Students can check at the iHelp desk during 5th period if they are not sure.
  • 7th Grade History and 8th Grade Panther Pathway teachers are reminding these students to pay. They will be sent the list everyday.
  • Parents have also been reminded in Dr Cox’s weekly message to parents.
  • Between now and May 22, we will not be assessing any new damages or new missing parts. Students will report damages or missing parts on May 22nd.
  • After May 22nd, a new list of fines will be generated from damage or missing parts that are identified that day.
  • This list will be constantly posted after the May 22nd collection for all staff to help students pay during the week of May 26-28th, before finals.
  • We are trying to promote students to bring money on May 22nd if they have a missing item or damage. They can refer to the list on MLink for prices.

OtterBox Lid Policy Change

  • Refer to MLink>Rollin>MMS>How much will I be charged for lost/damaged items?