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The Saskatchewan Elocution and Debate Association is a non-profit organization that helps children and youth be effective communicators, deep thinkers, and engaged community members.

An introduction to two outstanding SEDA debaters who exemplify our values of critical thinking, citizenship, and leadership.

Debater Spotlight: Josie Harrison

On March sixteenth, debaters from around the province gathered in North Battleford for debate provincials. A chance to meet others with their same interests, compete and just have fun! The tournament culminated with the top two high school teams competing in the gold medal round. I recently had the privilege of speaking to one of the gold medalists in the open category, Josie Harrison.

Josie is currently a grade twelve student at Luther High School in Regina and has been debating for four years. She was first introduced to debate through high school movies and always thought that it was a cool idea. That combined with the fact that she enjoyed public speaking prompted her to join a debate club in grade nine. Josie knew that debate was for her when she started participating and speaking up in both debate meetings and tournaments. She says her greatest debate accomplishment was actually winning the provincial tournament this season!

As a parting question, I asked Josie if she had any advice for new, maybe nervous, debaters that could help them reach their full debate potential. One tip she gave was to find a strong, trustworthy partner that would stick with you through the good times and the bad and one who compliments your own debating skills. The final tip she gave me was to really put yourself out there and give debate your all. You don’t know how far you’ll go until you push your limits and try your best!

Josie will be moving onto the University of the Arts London in the United Kingdom this fall to study Graphic Design. We wish her all the best!

-Isabelle Monsmon, intermediate debater, Caswell School

Josie Harrison and Chan Min Roh were the 2019 SEDA E.C. Leslie Provincial Debate Champions and recipients of the Schumiacter Award

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Debater Spotlight: Chan Min Roh

I was twelve years old when I attended my first debate tournament. At that moment, debate was a new and exciting endeavour for me, an opportunity to hone my public speaking skills and discuss intriguing topics. Looking back six years later, I realize that debate has shaped so much of the person I am today. By giving me a platform to raise my voice, debate strengthened my confidence in public oratory. By making me consider multiple perspectives, debate allowed me to research various topics at a deeper level. Being a debater also opened countless doors for me. When I started debate in grade six I would never have imagined myself at a seminar in Nova Scotia, or representing Canada at a Model European Parliament in Finland. These events and experiences have allowed me to grow as a public speaker, and introduced me to many amazing students and mentors around the world. Finally, my time in debate has also taught me leadership. Whether it was as a club leader at my high school or as a judge in SEDA tournaments, I learned not only to improve myself, but saw the obligation I had to mentor and strengthen those around me. To sum up, I would not be where I am today if I never entered the world of debate. Debate has taught me how to listen, how to research, how to lead; but most importantly, it taught me simply how to get up and speak.

-Chan Min Roh

Chan Min Roh was awarded the prestigious $100,000 Loran Scholarship. Only 35 students are chosen out of the 5000 that apply. Read more about how debate helped him achieve this incredible accomplishment by clicking on Chan's image above.

Congratulations Graduates!

SEDA would like to congratulate the Grade Twelve students who competed this year. We are sure the skills you have learned while debating will help you excel in all your future endeavours. Remember, words are powerful!

North Battleford Comprehensive High school

  • Vikas Mehboob
  • Jett Yeung
  • Dante Bacchetto
  • Taegen Isaac
  • Julia Kowalski
  • Ted Policha

Luther College High School

  • Josie Harrison
  • Chan Min Roh

Walter Murray Collegiate Institute

  • Muhammad Ahmed
  • Alina Sami
  • Huda Jasem

Winston Knoll Collegiate

  • Nohl Purdue

Swift Current Comprehensive High School

  • Eljay Dungca
  • Sara Cronan
  • David Camarador
  • Katherine Aguirre


  • Sarah Costa
  • David Shields


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