Oklahoma University

660 Parrington Oval, Norman, OK

OU is a 4 year university in Norman, Oklahoma. It has everything a student could want from affordability, to rec centers, to amazing dorms, to amazing dining halls, to even more amazing research centers, to a even more spectacular research lab.

OU's environment is amazing, OU has no religious affiliation so if you are worried about not being accepted because of religious you don't have to worry. It is also a public, co-ed, urban setting that is spectacular. Along with the 21,818 people that are enrolled at OU it is spread out across 621.3 square miles.

Tuition for out of state students is a sticker price of 22,049 dollars, but keep in mind there are out of state scholarships and other academic scholarships. For room and board it is 9,126 dollars. Also, say you are an engineering major, you will be put in a hall with other engineering majors.

There are many types of majors. There are aviation majors,computer engineering majors, chemical engineering majors, etcetera etcetera. To get into these specific majors you have to have an OU gpa of at least a 2.25 and 125 credit hours.