The struggle and the overcoming

How to live with type 1 diabetes

Don't worry!

If your here due to a reference from your doctor about type 1 diabetes you probably have a lot of questions. Now diabetes is a very big deal but it is something you can live with so don't worry. I made this flyer to answer most common diabetic questions that people have.

Basic science of diabetes

In your body you have glucose and insulin they are both a big deal and are both needed in your body to make energy. Also you have a insulin receptor. When you consume food it takes the glucose out and sends it into the blood stream when the glucose enters the blood stream the pancreas will create insulin and send it with it into the blood stream. Now when glucose finds a cell it will wait outside of it for the insulin and when the insulin it will go into the insulin receptor. Just think of it like a key and a lock the insulin being the key the insulin receptor being the lock. Once the insulin is in the insulin receptor the glucose transport protien a door and lets only the glucose in and that increases the energy. Now that's whats supposed to happen in a perfect body system. But you as an individual have type 1 diabetes. This means that when your body is supposed to make insulin it cant due to malfunction making it where the glucose cant go into the cell making the glucose stay in the blood stream increasing blood sugar levels.
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Blood sugar monitering

In the video below I will be demonstrating how to monitor your blood sugar levels at home. You probably have a lot of questions about this specific subject of diabetes like what is too high? What is too low? I am here to answer these questions. The normal good range you want to be at is between 70 too 150 for an adult anything lower than 70 is to low and anything higher than 150 is too high. Now to get these back to normal is if it is too low then you should just eat or drink something healthy to get them back up like orange juice for an example. And when they are too low you want to inject insulin into your body because your body cant produce any due to type 1 diabetes as explained previously so when you inject insulin it will help get the glucose into the cell to break it down allowing the sugar to get out of your blood lowering your blood sugar levels.
How to monitor blood sugar levels at home

General every day diet.

Another big thing to do that is very easy and not to big of a drag is make a nice healthy sustainable diet. As a diabetic you really want to watch your carbohydrate count because as said earlier your not producing insulin so it takes longer to break it down so try and limit your carbohydrate intake. Carbohydrates are mostly in things like pastas and crackers and things like that so watch out for those. Now this does not mean you can never eat those things it should just be in moderation. Also you should try and limit saturated fats to lower cholesterol levels because saturated fats are very bad for you. Try and eat a lot of vegetables and fruits and try and eat instead of having something like fried chicken you should have grilled chicken instead its a lot healthier and it does not have as many carbohydrates.

correct exercise and life style choices

One very important thing to do when you find out that you have type 1 diabetes is exercise on a regular schedule. Even just walking everyday for about 30 -45 minutes a day will make a big difference. Also you should not do any excessive drinking, drug intake, or smoking. you should not do these things because these could lead to more and further in depth problems.


Overall fitness is a big part of staying healthy as a diabetic. Staying fit can help in many ways for example It can help your body by making it not have to break down as much glucose because when you work out your body burns the carbs that have glucose and it breaks It down easier.


Another tip is too acquire about three diabetic professionals so that if you ever have anymore questions about the subject you can get in contact with one of them or all of them to see the different tips they give. Also it can help you if you ever are feeling not normal and it gets bad and not like it normally gets you can visit them and see what they think is wrong and what you could do to help the situation. Endocrinologists can monitor how youre doing with diabetes and how your handiling it. your dietitian and help make diets and fit them to what best helps you and your primary care physition can help prescribe insulin and give tips of whatto do.

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