The Warrior Way

Week of April 4th

Welcome Back!

I hope that everyone enjoyed our Spring Break! I know that I had a great time relaxing and spending time with my family. I truly love all of my children the same but my 5 year old Charlotte made a strong effort to move to the head of the list. She woke up last Thursday and came in and asked me if I would take her golfing! How could I say no to that request. I hope that all of you were able to spend some time doing what you enjoy with your friends and families!

As much as I enjoyed the time of the course with Charlotte I am really excited to get back to Winfield Intermediate. I am hearing students in the hallway tell me that they are excited to take the MAP at the end of the month. As I've shared a number of times this year our students are continually excited with the growth they have made throughout the year and they know that the MAP is their opportunity to show the rest of the state how much they have grown this year. That is because you continue to help them see the power of hard work and goal setting! Thank you for this and let's make sure that we continue to focus on this in the weeks leading up to MAP!

Proud to Be a Warrior!!

Jeff Schultz

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Early out this week

This week I would like to take a pause from your hard work on curriculum and assessment to watch a movie together. We will all watch the documentary "Rich Hill" in the library during early out. After watching this movie a few weeks ago I couldn't wait until next year to share with you. It will give us all an inside look at the lives of many of our students. I would like for all staff, both certified and classified to attend if possible.

Green and Blue are Winning!!!

I love the direction the blue line is heading! We are so excited for all of young Warriors and staff members. There has been a lot of hard work and dedication that has gone into this level of growth. With roughly a month and a half left of school now is the time to really buckle down and finish strong!

We are currently at an estimated proficiency level of 46% in Math for the building! What can we do in the next month to use the data behind these numbers to push above 50%?!

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Our attendance for the school year is 95.42% through the month of March. We hope to see that outstanding attendance continue in our final two months of school. Thank you for continuing to make consistent attendance a priority at Winfield Intermediate!

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The Counselor's Corner

Hello Warriors!

We are pleased to welcome Officer Bosley on Tuesday evening to talk with the Winfield community about Cyber issues facing our young Warriors. Please join us in the Middle School gym from 6:00-7:30 pm. The cyber world is continuing to become a bigger presence in our students lives each year and knowing how we can help them navigate this world is extremely important. Please call with any questions you may have regarding this presentation.

Mrs.Bridget Baker

School Counselor

Winfield Intermediate

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Upcoming events!

This week at Winfield Intermediate!

Monday April 4th: Welcome Back!

Choir practice

PTO 6:00 Primary library

Tuesday April 5th:Tier 2

Front Row

Read, Right, Run packet pickup

Bell choir!

Cyber issues presentation by Officer Bosley-6:00 pm Middle School Gym

Wednesday April 6th: Early dismissal no Sparcl

Thursday April 7th: Final Math club meeting of the year

5th grade Fine Arts night and Choir performance 5:30

No choir practice

Friday April 8th: LEAP field trip

Saturday April 9th: Read, Right, Run @Forest Park

Coming soon!

Stuco Spring Dance April 22nd

Map testing will begin in the final week of April. Look for a full schedule in the upcoming weeks.

The Ultimate Warriors!!

Our newest crew of Ultimate Warriors are David, Bailey, Eli, Mackenzie, Charos, and Kade! We are proud to present them to the Board this month!
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March Warriors of Wonder!

We are extremely proud of our newest group of WOW students!!!!


This is why I am so happy to hear our young Warriors excited about their growth during the year. When students truly want to learn and are excited about what they can do then we are all succeeding. Thank you for keeping our students excited about learning!
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