Middle Colonies

NY, NJ, Delaware, Pennsylvania

New York

  • Founded: It was founded by the Dutch for trade and furs and became an English Colony in 1664.
  • Economy: Made their money of a variety of ways: fur, lumber trading, shipping and slave trade.
  • Government: Had a governor and an elected assembly. He made all of the laws, and there was little self govern.
  • Population: Around 213, 000
  • Native Americans: Iroquois, Algonquian tribes settled in the New York colony
  • Religion: The settlers were among many faiths but more so Puritans of New England or the Catholic colony of Maryland but no established religion.

New Jersey

  • Founded: Found by Lord Berkeley in 1664 for farming and trade.
  • Economy: Earned a living by farming potatoes and growing tobacco.
  • Government: Carteret granted a form of government in what was known as the "Concessions," which granted religious liberty to Englishmen in the new colony, and a government to be carried on by a governor, council, and an assembly of twelve to be chosen by the people, and no taxes were to be laid without the consent of the assembly
  • Populations: Around 140,000
  • Native Americans: The Unami (Lenape) tribe, Minisink tribe, and the Unalachtigo
  • Religion: None really but did consist of Catholic and Protestant.
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  • Founded: In 1776 by Peter Minuit
  • Economy: Agriculture like farming and animals, manufacturing mineral production, and services such as, law firm and health care facilities.
  • Government: Proprietary
  • Populations: Around 46,000
  • Native Americans: The Lenni Lenape tribe and the Nanticoke tribe settled here.
  • Religion: No established religion.


  • Founded: In 1681by William Penn and other Quakers for religious freedom.
  • Economy: Pennsylvania's economy was very complex; it consisted of over 8 staple items that helped attract people. Wheat, corn, rye, hemp, and flax were the main crops sold in surplus that held up the economy. They were also very skilled craftsman.
  • Government: Proprietary
  • Populations: About 8,000
  • Native Americans: The Munsee, Shawnee, Lenape, Erie, and Susquehannock
  • Religion: None