Historical Significance

In the 1920s, Canada won it's first gold medal in the Summer Olympics 1920 and it was in hockey. Hockey was a Canadian sport, that instantly became popular in Canada. Hockey was considered Canada's national game, as the popularity for the sport rapidly increased. During the 1920's, NHL (National Hockey League) was formed for Canadian athletes. It wasn't just hockey which helped Canada have significance for the future, but some of the most popular sports of the time were baseball, basketball etc. After all, Canadian Athletics had a huge impact on Canadians which massively increased the excitement and passion for the sports. Canadian athletes left a legacy of athletics by winning medals and trophies and by working hard to reach the success which is historically significant to the Canadians today.

Change and Continuity

Sports in Canada started to grow in the 1920s and since then it has changed in various ways. To start off, the popularity of baseball in Canada was massively supported and this got attention of many Japanese baseball players. Eventually, it brought over many of them to play baseball competitively. Another important change it brought to Canadians was gender equality in sports. Teams like the Edmonton grads were extremely successful and won against male teams as well. This really changed people's perception towards women in society helping bring total equality for women. Overall, sports had many changes that turned into continuity later on for Canadians.

Cause and Consequence

The NHL exerted its control by expansion into the U.S., the establishment of a

minor league system. Until the 1920s the game was played and watched by a

small but relatively well-educated and wealthy group of Canadians. It was based

mainly in the country's large eastern universities and it used these roots to ensure

it's long-term survival. In the 1920s, western teams began to use American players.

In the 1920s, Canada produced some of the world's finest amateur boxers,

oarsmen and track and field competitors.

As a result, it has changed the competitiveness, passion and dedication to the

sport. It has made Canada gain the identity not only in North America but also in

the other parts of the world. Nowadays, Canadians are more addicted to sports

then they used to be. Canadians have so much passion for their national team.

And the main reason behind it is what happened in the early 1920s. As Canada

won Olympic gold medals in different continents of the world which made people

recognize Canada as a great athletic country.