The App Generation

By Monika Buffington

"The Real World"

It was discussed in the book that when watching old episodes of MTV's "The Real World," the sisters were surprised at how nice the contestants were to each other. We seem to have gone away from traditional social niceties in general.

"Alone Together"

People are spending more family or together time sitting on their digital devices. Instead of talking or interacting with each other, together time seems to be shifting more toward literally sitting together and nothing, or not much, more.

"False Sense of Security"

Youth now are more "brave" it would seem in their demeanors. They are more able to "hide" behind the technology and say what they want because they don't have to see the reaction of the other people. It would seem, from observations I've made, that the "bravery", the "sense of security" is extending now toward the physical/face-to-face interactions.

"Personal Identity"

Younger generations, the book mentioned, may have a harder time "finding themselves" because it is so easy to be someone they aren't online. People create profiles of the person they might like to be, which would interfere with acceptance of themselves as they are.
Social Media and the Creation of Self: Identity Development in Youth